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Week in Review (Nov 25 – Dec 1)

opcje binarne konto Monday, November 25 – Is quiet; “dealing with my pain still.” Tuesday, November 26 – Has complication from recent kidney stone surgery. Wednesday, November 27 – Stent is taken out; complication resolves; back home; miraculously manages to take MSC to … Continue reading

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Week in Review (Nov 18 – Nov 24)

trading demokonto ohne anmeldung Monday, November 18 – Back in the hospital. Posts nighttime pic of IV in arm. Tuesday, November 19 – Has surgery to break up kidney stone(s). Wednesday, November 20 – Home from hospital. Thursday, November 21 – Back in the … Continue reading

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Weekend Open

http://www.soleg.de/?optionende=handeln-mit-optionen-ing-duba&d10=d8 handeln mit optionen ing duba Putting up a new post to restart the comment count. If Jennifer McKinney’s Instagram pics and Facebook posts are to be believed, she has now been in the ER and/or hospital four separate times in the past six days for … Continue reading

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Week in Review (Nov 11 – Nov 17)

Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Monday, November 11 – Posts photos of store’s Christmas decorations, L in costume (with Roobii), first snowfall, homework spot, L reading (vid). Tuesday, November 12 – Sinks to a new moral low. Uses pic of S in ICU (4 years … Continue reading

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Week In Review: 8/15 – 21/2011

business model speed dating 8/15/2011 Heads home from CA; touts another Etsy site; posts about grandmother’s death, recent photoshoots and “decisions to be made” in MN. 8/16/2011 Apparently up all night; touts friend’s Kenyan nonprofit; wears skirt inside out; reveals she never left CA … Continue reading

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This is Your Brain

trading borsa opzioni binarie MckMama mentioned in her LIVE Chat! on 7/16 that she has a private blog. Then on 7/18 she published two password protected posts on her public blog, indicating that people should Facebook her for the password (now there’s a discrete, … Continue reading

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About That Dress

binary options trading signals trial You know what’s sad? MckMama has taken the time to change Lachlan’s picture twice now, including once today, but has not had the forethought to change her middle son’s, Nuggey, age from 3 to 4. You know what else is … Continue reading

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