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http://www.segway.fi/?kastoto=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-dukascopy&a21=d5 Linked below is the letter (now publicly recorded) from the landlord to the hearing officer for the rent escrow case that the McKinney’s are bringing against their landlord. Any contact information has been redacted. This is a cleaner version that’s … Continue reading

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Open Floor

köp Viagra 100 mg på nätet The onslaught of comments discussing the McKinneys bankruptcy documents has necessitated a new post. Please use this space to continue whatever conversations are ongoing, or to start new ones. I’m attaching the documents from the previous post here, to eliminate … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Filing

binära optioner minsta insättning True to their word the McKinneys did indeed file for bankruptcy. The below documents were filed on December 13, 2011. The Petition for Bankruptcy is the most telling document of all; it reveals many, many discrepancies between the life portrayed … Continue reading

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Just A House

recensioni sul trading Today’s post is brought to you by the letters C, F and D. C is for Contract, “an agreement entered into by two or more parties with the serious intention of creating a legal obligation.” (i) F is for For, … Continue reading

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Financial Update

binär optionen wikipedia Last week I received an interesting e-mail from a reader. Turns out the IRS has filed yet another tax lien against the McKinneys, this time for their 2008 and 2009 taxes, and in the amount of $35,763.19. This latest lien … Continue reading

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The Bankruptcy Card

click here now Yesterday MckMama divulged that she and PC are considering bankruptcy. This isn’t the first time the subject of bankruptcy has come up; the McKs have been living beyond their means for a while now. February 15, 2010: Seriously contemplating, with … Continue reading

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An Interruption

review We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast of As the Paint Dries to bring you this announcement from Uncle Sam: Remember this statement? And this one? How about this? Well here’s Uncle Sam’s response: McKinney IRS Lien Status As you can … Continue reading

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