MLM Training Call

The following is a transcript of a distributor training call held by Jennifer McKinney on April 4, 2013. The recording of the call is also available.
Duration: 32 minutes; total participants: 166. lista broker online regolamentati CS:   Hey everyone, this is Calla Stadel from Burlington, Kansas, and I am so excited that you guys have tuned in to hear how to build this thing big. I’m excited to introduce to you a girl that’s only been with our company, on our product, first of all testing it, for 14 months. She is a new Gold Executive with our company. She has transformed her body, she has transformed her life and she is transforming others. She’s going to teach us tonight, five things that you need to do to build, and what to do when you’ve gotten through your warm market. Some people asked as we were entering the call, if this call is recorded and yes, it is. It’ll be on the Sizzle Line; go to your Xyngular website and you can listen to the opportunity call from Tuesday night, you can listen to this training call tonight. I’m going to get myself out of the way ’cause I know she has so much to say. You guys better be taking notes, right? You need to become a student and you’re going to be taking notes with the thought that you’re going to be teaching, because that’s the best way that you can learn, is in the next 24 hours, take what you’ve learned tonight and start training it yourself. Ms. Jennifer McKinney, will you take it away?

follow link JM:   Thank you Calla, and good evening you guys. Tonight, as Calla said, I am going to be sharing about what we do to share Xyngular when we are through our warm market. Now, let me start by explaining what a warm market is. This is a term I was not familiar with until about 14 months ago; actually it’s probably one I wasn’t familiar with until about 10 months ago. I started Xyngular not knowing what I was doing, and had never been involved with direct sales or any kind of awesome opportunity like this in my entire life. And now that I have been a student of every teacher I can get a hold of in the business and outside the business and I have learned that a warm market is usually describing your friends, your relatives, existing customers you already have with Xyngular; basically anyone that you know and who has your number in their cell phone. Right? That’s just people that you know, and for most of us, our warm market is bigger probably than we realize. When you really start adding people up, which I often have my team do when they’re first joining. I have a week long distributor training I do for new people, and I have them write out a list of 200 people that they know and you may think to yourself that you might not know 200 people, and almost all of them tell me that, and I say “That’s alright, just start writing, and stop then when you can’t write anymore.” And almost everyone can come up with more than 200 people. That’s our warm market; people that we know and people who know us.

Now it happens to nearly everyone who gets involved with Xyngular, we get passionate about the products, we start to share, we talk on Facebook, we share with our friends, we tell our parents about what we’re doing and we eventually get to the point where we feel we have exhausted our warm market. Now, just as a little aside here, if you have NOT exhausted your warm market, you probably need to hang up and skip ahead to page 98, you know, like those “Choose Your Own Adventure Books”? We all used to liste–read when we were little? Where you get to the, you know, entrance of the cave, when you can go right or left, so yeah, this is the part where you probably want to go back and talk to your warm market, because this is really important. Most of us see the value in talking to the people that we already know, who already trust us. It can be difficult and scary; sometimes it’s also the people that we’re closest to. Some people find it easier to just cold call and talk to the checkout gal, you know at Piggly Wiggly, more than talking to their own friends, but it’s definitely the place that we should start. And so for most of us, we have shared with family, okay we’ve spread the love on Facebook, our dad and our little brother and our former boyfriend and our grandma’s neighbor; I mean, they’ve all already either signed up or they’ve told us to please stop contacting them about our vitamins or they’re going to file a restraining order. Right? Now one of those two things is pretty much what we feel like everyone has already told us, so now what? I’m so very glad that you asked. I’m going to tell you, in my opinion, five things that you should do when you feel like you have worked your entire way through your warm market.

Number one: Check your work. In high school, I had a math and physics teacher, his name was Mr. Olsen, and I loved him, probably because I loved math and physics, and I loved his classes. I loved calculus, and he was always talking about checking our work, that so many mistakes in math are made, not because we compute the problem wrong, but because our fives kind of looked like a three and we didn’t double check our work. So he was always saying, “Check your work, check your work.” I can still hear him saying it, “Check you work.”

And so that’s what I want you to do first; you’re done with your warm market, all right, check your work. Here’s what I mean: Have you really been through all of your warm market, literally? Open up your phone, go to contacts with those two little silhouettes that the two people, push on it, and look through the entire list. Have you really talked to every single person on that list about Xyngular, on your cell phone list? And your weight loss? And your business? Have you? All right, check your motives. Are you truly done with your warm market, or is it possible that you’re using that as an excuse. “Well, I tried, I gave the whole distributor thing a really good run, gave it the old college try, but it just didn’t work for me. I shared with everyone I knew, oh well.” Now if that were really true, really true, I still don’t think that is a really good reason to throw in the towel. But here’s the other thing. I don’t think that is really true for most people. I think that maybe even without realizing it, we are using that as an excuse, or maybe we’re afraid. Maybe we looked at that list and we see, you know, our old librarian and we really don’t want to contact her. All right, well then, man up to the fact that, you know, you’re giving up and you just don’t want to contact people. But please don’t say that you’ve used up your warm market if you really haven’t.

Now, one of the books I’m reading right now, a very famous book, I know you’ve heard of it enter The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Stephen Covey talks about, in his book, one of them, the seven habits, which is being proactive. So if you have thought, or said that you’re through your warm market, I want you to think about this: Have you truly contacted every single person in your address book, or do you mean that you’ve just posted to Facebook, and so everyone has had the chance to hear, and so your calling is good? Have you hosted parties, like I did, my very first time, and used Facebook invite as your only method of asking people to come to your party? I was like, “alright, invite all” and guess what? No one came to my party. I didn’t really, really try to invite people, I didn’t text them, ask them in person, meet them in the school drop-off line and say “Hey, I’m having a party on Thursday night, will you come fill a chair and just be there for me?” No, I sent a Facebook invite and I called it good and I learned, after no one came, that I wasn’t really proactive. I just kind of did it, and called it good and it didn’t work. Neither is saying that we’ve been through our warm market when we really haven’t. So that’s the first thing. Check your work.

All right, now that you have checked your work, what do you do next? Great question. Number Two: You’re done with your warm market; go get a bigger warm market. I LOVE doing this. I try to add about 10 people every single day; to my Facebook friends, or to my cell phone contacts list, somehow get their name and number, they get my name and number, we’re connected when the day before we weren’t. I’m doing that for number one, I love people and I love to connect, but I’m deliberately trying to grow my warm market. It may or may not even be talking about Xyngular, or the fact that I’ve lost 80 pounds or the fact that, you know, I’m going to Bora Bora in a few months and I earned it through my job. Maybe we’re just talking about the nail polish color we’re both, you know, picking out at Target. But I try to add about 10 people a day, and it is so easy and it’s fun, it’s like a challenge once you start to do it. This is, this is kind of new to me, cause believe it or not, even though I’m outgoing and I’m kind of a passionate, boisterous person, I’m also kind of shy in person with new people, so I’ve had to work at this, but now it is so fun. And, as I’ve said, it’s super easy. So I go to Victoria’s Secret and I try on a bra, and they’re sizing me and I just kind of pretend that I don’t really remember what size I am, and I’m like,

“Oh, yeah, we’d better measure me again I’ve just lost 80 pound so things are kind of changing….”

“You’ve lost 80 pounds?”


“How have you done that?”

Oh my goodness, they just opened the door up, and I just stepped right through.

Right? Hairdressers, I mean that is a given. You know, even you guys can talk to hairdressers and if you’re buzzed or whatever, they do the number too . . . just talk, talk! That’s what hairdressers do, um, talk about what you do for work. Talk about what they do for work. Okay, that’s obvious, they’re cutting your hair, so, back to you and share about what you do. Okay, I was, ah, I ALWAYS love to talk to people on airplanes, because I literally have a captive audience, right? Now, I try not to annoy them towards the beginning, because I don’t want them to think that they’re sitting next to a person who’s going to talk the whole time, but towards the end, it seems like everyone gets more chatty, have you guys noticed that? It’s like your talking and the plane is starting to descend, and then they start talking and suddenly it’s “How’s it going? What are you doing? Where have you been? What’s your family like?” It’s like, there’s no more stress that someone is going to pin you and talk to you for two hours, it’s almost done. And you can cover a lot of ground, you know, while you’re flying and landing, and I have gotten so many people to the point where they’re begging me for information on how it is that I travel all the time on my company’s, you know, ticket and get to lose weight, that I can’t even, I couldn’t even tell you. At the airport recently, I was flying home from a trip, seeing some of my team and there’s this gal, and we were sitting next to each other, um, just at the gate, right? And I need to plug in my cell phone, and so I was using the outlet, it was kind of between the chairs that we were at, so somehow she was like, “Oh sorry, let me move over” and I was “Oh yeah, it’s no big deal, I mean I really just need to plug it in because I’m playing around on Facebook” and she’s like “Oh, I know, I love playing on Facebook when I travel.” I was like “Actually, the funny thing is I’m actually working too, I actually work on Facebook.” Oh, I love to use that one. “What do you mean you work on Facebook?” “Yeah, actually it’s crazy, I actually just get paid to play on Facebook all day long.” “Really? I wish I could get paid to play on Facebook.” “Oh! That’s great, you totally can. Let me tell you how.” By the time 15 minutes were up, I was friending her on Facebook, I don’t use business cards, I just jump right to Facebook. “Hey! Can I friend you on Facebook, what’s your name? Oh, okay, Shamika Brown. Oh, there’s like 39 of you, which one is you? Oh, that one. Oh, is that your daughter? Oh my goodness what’s her name?” And I’m clicking friend request. Later on that day, she’ll accept it and I’ll send her a message. “Hey! It’s me with the cell phone and the Facebook and let me tell you about that stuff I was telling you about so you can bring it to Atlanta”.

Um, my, speaking of travel, laptop was ruined by TSA recently. So I dropped it off at The Geek Squad, and when I came back to pick it up, I was chatting with a gal while the guy in the back was bringing my computer out, and somehow I managed to mention that I’d lost a bunch of weight and before we knew it, we connected. Here’s another one that’s so easy: try to find someone who mentions that they’re tired. Ohhh boy, that is so easy. At any given point, whether at Target, or you’re at home, or you’re at church, or you’re on Facebook, it is so easy to find someone saying, “Oh, how much more, you know, how many more minutes until naptime?” Today, you know, I was at the tanning place and, I mean, getting ready to go to Orlando, you know, so I had to get in a little tan, and she was just like “Oh, I’m just dragging.”

“Oh, really?? I used to drag all the time until I started these new natural supplements.”

“Really? What are they?”

“Oh, actually, I have some right here. Here. Take it tomorrow. Hey, are you on Facebook? Let me get your name, I’ll find out what you think in the morning.”

It’s sooo easy. I was renting a car at Enterprise a few weeks ago in Mississippi and I don’t use, um, a debit card, we don’t use a credit card, and so, because we didn’t and they only take, umm, credit cards and not debit cards, I don’t even know, I just wanted to pay with cash, but that wasn’t really cool, they needed proof of income. And so I showed her my bank account, I mean that’s what you have to do, and somehow, seeing my bank account got her slightly interested, and so when I started talking about what I did, she was all ears:

“What do you do? ” You know, I could hear her thinking like, why do you get deposits every single day for that X-…., what is that?”

“I actually get paid every single day, I do this thing.” She didn’t even know my weight loss story. Zero idea I lost 80 pounds, and she and I connected right there at the Enterprise car, you know, counter, because she’s seen my bank account. It’s–there’s so many different ways to share. My friend, Jennifer Simms, she’s on my team, she was in the vitamin aisle at Target, just looking at vitamins, some other gal is looking at vitamins and she was like, “Oh, hey what vitamins do you like?” and before you knew it, they had setup a date to talk about Xyngular, Xyngular the next day and um, they talked and it was like five, six, seven months later when she was like “Hey, remember the girl in the vitamin aisle at Target? She just signed up.” She’s growing her warm market.

The protein drink aisle at Walgreen’s, the weight loss supplement section, oh that is absolutely a gold mine. Just stand there and pretend to be looking for stuff. “Oh, have you used this before? Do you think that works? I’ve actually been using this one stuff and, you know, I’ve lost like 80 pounds on it.” “Really?” and you no longer need the weight loss aisle at Walgreen’s. Okay, grow your warm market. Then you can . . . share with your warm market.

Number three: You’ve already checked your work and you’ve grown your warm market. What else can you do? Go share with someone else’s warm market. Here’s what I mean. This is where building a team is so important. We, on our own, can’t become Executives and Silver Executives and Gold Directors and you know, Gold Executives by just sharing with, you know, a first line that is 55, you know, thousand people deep. We just can’t do it, we need a team. That is the beauty in our business, is that there is strength in numbers. That’s another one of the seven habits of highly effective people, actually now that you mention it. So when you have a team, and your friend or you know, former stranger for that matter joins your team, then their warm market instantly becomes yours. Now I don’t mean that you share directly with their warm market, obviously they’re doing that, but our teammates are extensions of us, right? They do, for good or for bad, exactly what we do. So when we have inspired a team of people who join us, and they duplicate what we do by going and sharing with their warm market, and then they grow their warm market, just like we did, we have just reached an entire other warm market just by sharing with one person. So to grow your warm market, grab someone else’s warm market.

Which brings up a great point, if I do say so myself, and I actually did not think of this point, I don’t remember who taught it to me, but someone, um, mentioned it: Sponsor up. I thought that was fabulous advice, fabulous advice. Now, what that means is, we should be on the lookout for people who work even harder than us, who are even more passionate than us, who talk even faster than, I don’t know it’s really possible for me to find someone who talks faster, but we should be trying to sponsor up. At the very least, we are inspiring, encouraging and enticing people who are like us, right? If we are all over the place, growing and sharing and being passionate, we’re going to inspire those same kinds of people to want to join us. And hey, find people who are even a little bit better. Find someone who has an even bigger warm market than you, and actually be deliberate about targeting them, or just walk into it if happens to you. I was at Panera Bread with my team in North Carolina, and this guy and this girl come in, and I like to pretend that I’m really not into media, we actually do not own a TV, we don’t have TV signal, when I want to watch “Survivor” I have to watch it online the next day, I do kind of find a way to watch “Survivor” and there’s this other show that I love to watch and it’s called “The Bachelor”, and I always make sure to watch “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette,” I’m just obsessed. Okay, so now you know. So they come in and I’m like “I know her! She’s ‘The Bachelorette’!” Oh yes, and “The Bachelor” from a former season. I will not name names, because I don’t want you going to find them, right? I’m trying to hook them up with Xyngular, ’cause I am already working on that, and we just, ah, I was way too shy to go over to them to talk to them, but we were with this gal, this girl who was on my, my other girl’s team and she was like “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s them!” and she went over to talk to them and I was like hiding in my seat, and …. Over their autographs or something, and so, I, uh, kind of just pulled them aside and tried to be all cool and I was like “So what are you guys doing here?” “Well, I just moved to Charlotte” and the gal told me about she was opening up a, um, champagne bar. “Oh, really? Do you guys host events?” “Well, yeah we actually do.” “Well, that’s awesome, because in the next couple of months we’re actually having a big Charlotte event”, which really, we weren’t until right then, but I decided right there and then in Panera Bread that we were going to have another event. And hey! Wouldn’t it be great to have it in her place? Cause in the back of my mind, ….. was in the front of my mind, that I knew that she had a slightly bigger warm market than I did, I mean, she was “The Bachelorette”, right? So, okay, she wasn’t “The Bachelorette” , she was like one of the girls that was trying to get “The Bachelor”, sorry. (Sigh) I don’t want to try to tell you misinformation. Sponsor up.

So, now we have, number one, which was….okay, you’re muted, but I know you’re saying, “Check your work”! Nice job…number two, get a bigger warm market. Number three: Go share with someone else’s warm market.

Number four: This one gets a little frighteninggggg, but you can do it. Share with your cold market. It sounds so frigid and frightening, but really a cold market is just potential and non-current customers of yours. Okay, so this is something that we need to be active about and looking for. I love Facebook for work, and I love looking at friends of friends posts and just without even realizing it, I’m always sort of sifting through them and seeing if something jumps out at me, where I can just share my love for Xyngular and yesterday, I think it was, I saw some girl posting about this scale, well she’d seen this kind of funny ad on the internet for a scale that goes…I am so sorry, it’s not a scale, it’s an alarm clock, it’s an alarm clock and it’s’s like a scale, you can stand on it, right? It goes on the side of your bed, and it beeps and rings every morning, and instead of hitting the snooze button to make it stop, you actually have to get up, get out of bed and stand on it with both of your feet before it will stop. And so this girl had posted this picture, and said, “Oh, I totally need this”. I started to look who she was, and I just hopped on there, and, she had her comments open to people that weren’t friends and I just said “Oh, I totally used to need to use this too! I, uh, that’s actually a super, clever idea, that is so funny. I actually thought it was a woman standing on that, um, wasn’t a scale, uh, alarm clock, because of the hairy legs. Anyways, I totally stopped needing it once I found these all-natural energy supplements, actually, and this is a true story, what I do is, I put my Xyng by my bed, right by my alarm clock, actually, and if I need my alarm clock to wake up, I will set it to go off and I will hear it go off, I’ll hit snooze and I’ll have a cup of water and I’ll take my Xyng right then, and then I hit snooze and I sleep for nine more minutes or whatever, maybe I’ll hit snooze twice and seriously, by the time that I’ve hit it once or twice, my Xyng has gone to work and I literally like, hop out of bed. I’ll like hop from the bed, like to the kitchen and I’m good. So I just mentioned “Hey, I actually keep this stuff on my bed and…” “Really? What is that?” “Oh! I’ll message you” Okay, she was totally cold market, she was just sharing randomly about an alarm clock that apparently looks like a scale to me, and uh, now we’re chatting about Xyngular. So, you, uh, need to be willing to share with your cold market.

I don’t necessarily have more tricks for you for how to share with your cold market, except this is even better than a trick. I want you guys to know that it is so important that you believe that there is no reason you can’t share with anyone who’s currently your cold market. Within the next five years, I can guarantee you that somebody is going to share Xyngular with person X, Y and Z. They’re going to and they’re going to be on someone’s team and they’re going to get a feeling our company and our products and it may as well be you. It’s going to be someone and it can be you if, and literally only if, you believe it will be. Darren Hardy talks in his book click The Compound Effect, about how important it is to that we visualize our success. He says something that I’ve long known to be true that we are limited only by our level of belief in what we can do. Have you ever heard of the Pygmalion effect? It’s kind of rhetorical to ask questions to people who are muted, but it still feels right. Um, oh you have? Oh okay, great, you know that it speaks then of self-fulfilling prophecy. The Pygmalion Effect is something I learned about when I was studying education in college, and it says that we will rise or fall to the level of what is expected of us, whether it’s something someone else expects of us, or something that we expect of ourselves, we will rise to that if the expectation is higher than what we’re currently doing, or we will fall to that. We don’t believe our students are good enough, we don’t think boys are good at math, we don’t think that, you know, that this-this girl is gonna pass her …., probably won’t. That was our charge as teachers was to believe more about our students, and we can use the Pygmalion effect to our benefit, too, and believe more about ourselves. Calla is the one who taught me to state my goals as if they were already true. When I was going for Executive, and I was still Platinum Director, I am an Executive; that’s what she wanted me to say, and I really didn’t know that, until she told me and she texted me one day and she was like “You are an Executive” and I was still like, 20,000 points away and I was like checking my back office “Oh my goodness, are you serious? I made it? I must’ve had like 300 IDPs come through.” I’m like, what are you talking about, I don’t think I’ve made Executive”. Oh no, you are an Executive, and I got it. I like, claimed it, so I called it out and it happened.

With Xyngular, you guys, the world is our oyster. Did you know that there are only a few things needed to make an opportunity like this completely take off? I’ll tell you what it needs. It needs number one are good products. Do we have a good product? That’s right, I see those hands. We need a good business model and great leadership. Do we have that? That’s right, amen brother. The last thing it needs is us, you, me. You are the only possibly missing link in this opportunity, because a good product already exists. The great business model and fantastic leadership, we’ve got that. You? You’re the only missing link and you don’t have to be missing. Believe in your own potential. Throw every excuse away. I used to be more prone to excuses, you know, I’d “Ohh, the internet’s down at home, I guess I can’t work on that tod–oh, for Pete’s sake, the internet is down at home? There’s a library, okay, there’s a phone and you call and you get the internet back up, you can walk, you can drive. We live in the United States and if you don’t, wherever you’re calling in from, you’ve got a phone and we truly can’t claim excuses. I used to be, like I said, more prone to that, but I have spent quite a bit of time in the past few years in East Africa, visiting and working with some of the absolute most remote, forgotten, discarded, and rejected villages. A lot of them are Muslims in Kenya, which is technically a Christian county, and some of the very remote villages, we are talking like never seen white people, can’t even drive to the village, you have to walk through mountains to get there. They have been struggling, especially with the drought conditions, and part of what the work that we do when we go there is helping local Kenyans rise up and help these villagers realize their own potential. And to see some of the transformations that these villagers are going through, bringing themselves through is amazing. I mean, these people have taken reins of their own lives and are learning how to plant and grow gardens when they used to be only nomadic, and their camels all died because of the drought, I mean, if anyone has an excuse, it’s someone who has never seen a car, and lives where there’s no fresh water and having you child die is pretty much a 50/50 chance at any given point. Now, they’ve got excuses and yet they claim none. So when I got back from my first trip there, it was very imperative for me to throw away my excuses. Because they seemed so ridiculous now that I know there are truly people who have excuses in this world, and yet they don’t even claim them.

Alright, you guys the very last one, Number Five: When you feel like you have gone through your entire warm market, you’ve grown your warm market, okay you’ve checked your work, have you really gone through your whole warm market, you’ve shared with other people’s warm market, you’ve started into a cold market, here’s the last thing I want to encourage you guys is not to give up on your warm market. Having exposed all of your friends and family to Xyngular is not tantamount to success, okay, that’s just a step towards success and it often takes up to 6 touches, sometimes even more, in my case I needed to be hit over the head with a 2×4 before I tried Xyngular, before someone will say yes. So just keep swimming, or whatever, that’s Nemo. Just keep sharing, keep sharing. Whether you believe it or not, your Facebook friends, and your fellow church goers, and your family, and the teachers at your kids’ school, they’re all going to be watching. They want to know if you stick with this. Some are going to jump on right away, but there are others who want to know if this is just a flash in the pan. But if you keep talking about it, they are going to be forced with the reality that it must be the real deal. I mean, you guys, I’ve been barfing, I mean sharing, all over by Facebook page for well over a year and I still have people who message me and say, “Hey! How are you losing all that weight?” Right? I want to be like, “Really? Have we met?” And of course, I tell them. Not only should you keep mentioning Xyngular, but you also need to keep being a product of the products. Keep losing weight, keep toning up, keep sharing your success in small, different ways. I’ll tell you what, little has helped me be more accountable, as I’ve lost these 80 pounds in the past year, than knowing I have literally thousands of Facebook people watching me. Right? With every new milestone that I post, new pants size, a new decade that I hit, that’s what I call it, just got into the 150s, a new decade, a new wave of interest just floods in, because we never know what it is that will perk someone’s attention. You may think that Sally Jones will never, ever bite, but when you mention how the juice has helped Aunt Rose with her heartburn, she may jump, you know? Steve Peterson may have actually given you a big, fat “NO” with attitude, and that no might turn to a yes once they see a comment from Carrie whose been given complete freedom from her migraines. Little did you know that his adult daughter struggles with migraines. You just never know. You guys, if you aren’t responsible for who accepts the gift of Xyngular, so just take that responsibility off your shoulders. You are only responsible for you, and it’s, in my opinion, your calling to share this stuff with your warm market and beyond.

So, that is my charge to you guys. Get to it!

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