You’ll see a number of acronyms, initialisms and terms that are specific to the MckMess. Here’s a rundown.

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Part of MckDaddy’s reply in a BlogFrog chat; blamed on Pippin’s paws on the keyboard.

opcje binarne thrive Adorbs
Adorable; a completely made up word by MckMama. Ahem
She uses it a lot; so do we. Alot, alot
A lot, except MckMama says it twice.
In an interview you can find HERE, at the 1:59 minute mark, you can see how she makes “alot, alot” of money off her blog. Well, she used to.

Compassion International; MckMama sponsors children through this charity and used to be one of CI’s “Compassion Bloggers”

Cleaver U / Cleaver University
This goes back to October 26, 2010, when one of the sheeple posted a comment to MckMama about her pancakes:

Since then, you’ll see references to someone graduating from Cleaver U or studying at Cleaver U. You get the idea.

DVD Playing Screen
Fancy word for the television MckMama claims to not have

Sheeple-ese for exorbitant:
” . . . the gas prices are exuberant.”

Fixed Wing Aircraft
MckMama’s word for an airplane

K & C’s word for strep

Frozen Tundra
MckMama’s term for Minnesota, her state of residence.

An alternate acronym used for GHNI (Global Hope Network International).

Happy Wheels I
A 2007 Four Winds Hurricane RV, taken on the first road trip from 3/28/2011 – 4/26/2011. “Borrowed from a neighbor.”

Happy Wheels II
A 2004 31′ Jayco Jay Flight travel trailer, taken on the second road trip from 5/22/2011 – 7/16/2011. Sold via Craigslist on 8/18/2011.

Hunk, Hunks
Noun or verb; MckMama’s way of saying chunk or chunks.

Irish Twins
Something she wishes she had; often tries to pass Stellan and Maisie off as (they aren’t)

Jealous. No we didn’t misspell it; a sheeple did when attempting to describe us.

Liquid Gold
MckMama’s very overused phrase for breast milk.

Many Small Children (MckMama’s usage); often altered to fit other purposes, e.g. MSM = Many Sarcastic Mods, etc.)

Make Sense Now? :)
MckMama’s frequently asked question when she’s finished explaining something to a reader that they clearly should have been able to figure out without her blessed guidance.

Term used by MckMama to describe the two RV trips taken during the Spring and Summer of 2011, during which time she did numerous photoshoots under the guise of exploring the country and seeing new sites with her family.

Mudd Lake
One of MckMama’s favorite places; furniture company in Watertown, MN. Some of the furnishings from MckMama’s house were obtained here; she barters for furnishings in exchange for ad space and photo work.

NSS (usually following a :) )
Non snarky smile; to differentiate from the typically snarky ones left by JM.

Our Hummus Is Homemade; pre-MWOP site that eventually imploded due to too much drama. Ahem. Let that be a lesson.

Pale Spot
How MckMama described herself in her 2/12/2011 post:
“Once I landed in Nairobi, I became aware of how very white I was, a pale spot, out of place in a sea of beautiful black. Everyone’s teeth here seem so bright white, the breeze coming in the windows is warm but refreshing.”

Prince Charming; the old blog name for Israel (he prefers not to be called this).

Paycheck People; another name for the followers of JM

Rocket Good
Awesome? You be the judge:

A word that combines ‘sheep’ and ‘people;’ typically used to describe the more ardent followers of MckMama.

Small Group
A small gathering at MckMama’s house of fellow churchgoers, usually to share a meal and a Bible study session.

Sorry You Must Have Misunderstood
If you try to point out an error, discrepancy or outright lie to MckMama, this is the response you’ll receive.

She Who Shall Not Be Named / She Who Will Not Be Named

Sweet Fancy Jealous
Very jealous?

That May Work For Your Family
The answer given to a reader who had the audacity to ask MckMama why she didn’t focus more on paying off her debt first.

The Way We Roll
A phrase that MckMama uses when explaining why her family does something; sometimes used as That’s the way I roll.

Training Center

Shaun Groves, Blogger and Manager of Compassion International’s Compassion Bloggers (his former Twitter handle was @theshaungroves).

Woodland Creature Food; supposedly the diet of MckMama. We know better.

MckMama’s word to replace common words such as While

You’re Welcome
When MckMama does you a favor, or something she thinks you want, this is the lovely response you get.

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