Deleted Facebook July 24, 2012
In which a series of comments about photoshopping and telling the truth in general were removed from the Sam & Joe’s 8 Day Challenge page, set up by Jennifer to further tout Xyngular.

Fake stock trading simulator app April 26, 2012
In which concerns and comments about Xyngular and breastfeeding are quickly deleted.

go April 18, 2012
In which some readers comment about the bankruptcy creditors meeting audio and MckMama’s deceitfulness towards her readers.

strategia opzioni digitali daily April 6, 2012
In which some corrections to MckMama’s Xyngular claims disappear.     (Permalink)

iq option pareri February 21, 2012
In which her thread touting Boutique Beauties (fee: $70) is removed due to reader outcry. February 13, 2012
In which readers’ comments offering perspective and clarity about the McKinney separation are deleted.     (Permalink) January 9, 2012
In which a reader’s request that MckMama fans contact the bankruptcy judge in her support is deleted.     (Permalink) December 14, 2011
In which readers’ comments about MckMama’s bankruptcy filing are deleted.     (Permalink) ENERGI CONSULT AB October 31, 2011
    “There was a time not so very long ago when I never would have wanted to live in a house like this. It was yesterday, in fact.”

In which a reader’s to-the-point comment about MckMama’s plea for attention is deleted.

opcje binarne statystyki September 30, 2011
    “Want to learn more about using your camera or about editing? My first ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS are here! Details are right here:”

In which a more ethical photo workshop recommendation is quickly quashed. September 24, 2011
    “Taking a Sunday drive. On Saturday.”

In which a quick conversation mysteriously disappears.

binaire opties fiscaal September 13, 2011
    “Sometimes I want to run. Do you ever feel that way? I long to run away from it all. All the things of the world, that is. Here’s what I mean:”

In which a reader questions MckMama’s need to ‘run away from it’ before her comments are deleted.

September 5, 2011
    “Have you heard? We said goodbye to our house and are moving to The Farm: Our journey there has begun!”

In which some readers question the whole The Farm issue but are deleted and banned.

August 19, 2011
    “Talking with MckDaddy right now about hosting a LIVE CHAT with you guys sometime soon with BOTH of us live chatting together! Thoughts?”

In which some blocked readers post messages under their children’s accounts, questioning why they were blocked. Also a conversation with a user before he is blocked/banned.

August 19, 2011
    “Finally finished my Missoula photos…working on Bismark next. Then I’ll be done with all my photos from the summer!!

In which MckMama tries to explain away she and PC’s poor financial decisions going back several years, charges a client extra for unedited photos, and defends herself against yet another unprofessional handling of a potential client.

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