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conocer gente madrid May 31, 2012: “Thursday Night LIVE!”    

Hey guys! Jennifer here. Just hanging out in my pink sweat pants on the evening of our last day of school, wondering if anyone wants to have a chat tonight. We’re live right now…join in! March 21, 2012: “LIVE Weight Loss Chat!”     Part I; Part II

Welcome to this LIVE CHAT about health and wellness, losing weight, my favorite natural supplements, exercise and my own weight loss journey. Ask your questions, share your own stories or just listen along as I chat about fat….and how it is coming to be that I finally have less of it!! Let’s talk!

January 3, 2012: “LIVE goat Chat!”

Join me tonight for a LIVE goat chat!
Yes, I’m totally serious. Our (er, I mean Freya’s) baby goats were born today. And she had twins! I’ve been getting some super great goaty questions on Twitter and Facebook and I thought having a goat chat would be fun!
It will only last a half hour. Bring your goat questions, your goat expertise or just come watch!

September 16, 2011: “LIVE Chat with MckMama”

It looks like some of you have some questions for me, have heard accusations about our family or have other things you’d like me to clear up. We cherish our privacy in many areas but certainly have nothing to hide. We’re thankful to live our lives, flaws and all, in as open of a way as possible. Please join me and ask away, if you’d like, right here: I’m more than happy to talk about whatever you’d like to talk about.

(The “full” PDF chat is also available in Part 1 and Part 2)

September 15, 2011: “LIVE Chat with MckMama”

Tonight at 8:00 pm Central, I’ll be LIVE chatting with you and whoever else wants to join us (or you can just watch!). The chat will take place in my community: right here.
Bring questions, discussion topics and popcorn. See you then!

August 20, 2011: “Saturday night LIVE Chat with MckMama and MckDaddy…tonight!”

We had the idea last night; we’re following through with it tonight. A LIVE chat with me and my husband is ever so much more fun than a LIVE chat with just me, right? Right. My husband and I had a joint LIVE chat on my blog. It’s over now, and he did really well keeping up with us women! If you missed the chat and want to peruse through the thing we talked about, just look at the thread here.

July 24, 2011: “LIVE chat with MckMama in Amsterdam…NOW!”

The internet here at the airport is free. I have a few hour layover in Amsterdam before I get on a plane for Africa. It’s well past midnight back at my house, but if some of you late nighters or Australians want to chat, come on and join me for a bit!

March 26, 2011: “Saturday night LIVE chat with MckMama!”

We are heading our [sic] with our family (and Roobii the puppy) in two more days to hit the road in an RV this spring. I’m procrastinating. Working on photographs. Watching my husband chat with his brother in Japan. Wondering if embedding this discussion as a LIVE one on the main page of my blog would work. Thinking of giving it a go.
Soooo….anyone want to chat?

February 28, 2010: Marriages That Cannot Be Saved

Discussion started by a reader concerning marriages that cannot be saved; MckMama joins in the discussion.

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