Yet Another Arrest, But This Time . . .

. . . it’s Jennifer who is arrested for domestic violence, not Israel.

The police were called to the McKinney residence at 11:29pm on January 24th. As a result Jennifer was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct:

A pre-trial conference is currently scheduled for February 28th with a status conference on April 1st. However Jennifer is scheduled to be in Kenya during that time, on another poverty tourism trip. She has said in recent Facebook posts that K is coming along as well this time.

Jennifer and Israel really need to get their act together. Repeated arrests for domestic violence and property damage clearly indicate that they are not learning anything. Is it really too much to hope that they get some professional help with their personal lives and their marriage, and start putting the well-being of their five young children first from here on out?

911 Call Audio
(Right-click to download the file or wait for the Play symbol to appear if you are unable to download)

Edit II:
The police report of the incident has now been made available. Many thanks to those who forwarded it.

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