Week in Review (Nov 25 – Dec 1)

Monday, November 25 – Is quiet; “dealing with my pain still.”

Tuesday, November 26 – Has complication from recent kidney stone surgery.

Wednesday, November 27 – Stent is taken out; complication resolves; back home; miraculously manages to take MSC to library, swimming, lunch, movie; posts pics of MSC at YMCA, new table lamp.

Thursday, November 28 – Posts Happy Thanksgiving pic, deep frying turkey @ MIL’s, selfie with C, digging into pie.

Friday, November 29 – Touts Black Friday Xyng specials.

Saturday, November 30 – Posts MSC anecdote; discusses family vacation at Great Wolf Lodge, getting rid of unconventional loan on house and “closing on our own financing,” paying off debts, visiting with sister, former life on The Farm, swimming pools, feeling great after kidney stone attacks; posts pics of M’s hair decorations, Great Wolf Lodge / waterpark, K & C’s shaved heads, wagon ride, movie time.

Sunday, December 1 – Touts weight lost by members of her Xyng team–and her mother; posts pics of watersliding, PB&J on the go.

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