Week in Review (Dec 9 – Dec 15)

Monday, December 9 – Encourages readers to order Xyngular’s Ignite pack and lose 8-15 pounds before Christmas; posts photos of after workout snack, L’s haircut, #9 birthday candle, snowy yard, leaning Christmas tree.

Tuesday, December 10 – Posts MSC anecdote; posts photos of MSC outside school, front of house, Roobii’s doll chew toy; reuses old before/after weight loss photos, pretending that’s her current weight; claims to have retired due to Xyngular’s generosity; deletes comment from reader:

Wednesday, December 11 – Posts Scripture verse about the Lord building a house; posts photos of working in bedroom, tree decorating, cubby/laundry room, breakfast and lunch prep.

Thursday, December 12 – Posts self-righteous selfie of Bible reading by the Christmas tree; misquotes Nelson Mandela; attends MSC Christmas program; posts photos of M’s dresser, cleaning cluttered desk progress, Kitty, overhead view of kitchen, “generous” offer for Xyngular customers, glass plate above stovetop, downspout, Christmas program pics, Israel & M reading on the couch.

Friday, December 13 – Posts photos of magnetic bricks, car mechanic’s desk, M’s ornament earrings. Comments on the kindness of strangers in WI and MN; asks for readers to send her any unsolicited PMs they’ve received about her supplements; a reader obliges:

Saturday, December 14 – Posts photos of quinoa, clothes boxes, K’s birthday party.

Sunday, December 15 – Posts photos of playing in the snow, evolution comic, L’s body drawings, chicken salad x 2, clothes boxes, L in shopping cart, now upright Christmas tree x 2.

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