Week in Review (Dec 2 – Dec 8)

Monday, December 2 – Asks for turkey leftover ideas; Posts photos of empty office, TJ Maxx “art,” rearranging living room, L’s multiple outfits, M in refrigerator, turkey baseballs.

Tuesday, December 3 – Claims to have earned back 1550.32 times her original expenditure on her health supplement pack; posts photo of “vintage me.” Breaks phone; stays offline.

Wednesday, December 4 – Property taxes/interest/penalties are finally paid, four months late.

Thursday, December 5 – Gets new phone, is back online; wants to know who lives near Toronto, Canada or Australia; asks readers if 36 is okay to start wearing an “old lady’s nightgown”; posts photos of C sick, pumping gas, MSC at Target, photo display, unmade bed.

Friday, December 6 – Gets ready to decorate as yet unpurchased Christmas tree; posts photos of S, front entry, cubby space, Lincoln Logs, double texting, rearranging, L, party planning, turkey leftovers, painting furniture, Christmas tree supplies.

Saturday, December 7 – Posts photos of chalkboard greeting, Christmas tree chopping, painted dresser, Ethiopian triptych, tree progress x 3.

Sunday, December 8 – Asks for advice on hiding the Facebook posts from “overachieving Elf on the Shelf moms”; posts photos of Kitty, under the bed clothes system, refurbished dresser, S outside, L with helmet, S outside #2.

Site Announcement
Beginning with the new year, MWOP will transition from an interactive site to an information site. The commenting feature will be turned off and posts will no longer be published on a regular basis, but rather on an as-needed basis. Any relevant content will continue to be updated. We feel that these changes are necessary in order for the site to effectively convey information to readers without the distraction of comments. The Off Topic side will remain open and available for commenting.

If you would like to stay in touch and exchange e-mail addresses with other users of this site, please send a request to mwop.anja@gmail.com by or before January 31, 2014. Note that both parties will need to give permission in order for e-mail addresses to be exchanged.

Thank you,
MWOP Admin

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