Week in Review (Dec 16 – Dec 22)

Monday, December 16 – Happy Birthday to K; offers a Xyngular promo with photo of $100 bill; posts photos of K, entryway decorated, Xyngular promo, bare feet in the snow, shoes in the snow, front door star, putting leaves in the table, K’s cake.

Tuesday, December 17 – Makes plans to photograph wedding in NC; posts photos of Christmas ornament from Spanish teacher, after school tacos, rewriting homework.

Wednesday, December 18 – Gives ‘partial house tour’ with four photos; posts photos of feet + cluttered desk, Compassion letter, S in the snow, MSC writing letters to Compassion kids, bowl of eggs.

Thursday, December 19 – Posts photos of L in the snow, Israel sleeping on couch with pets, DIY hair cutting.

Friday, December 20 – Posts more photos of Xyngular promo; posts photos of book recommendation (albeit unread), Xyngular promo, awkward hands photo with dinner scraps as backdrop.

Saturday, December 21 – Finishes Christmas shopping; posts photos of Christmas tree stabilizer, S with purple paint, 4 days left, M with paint, coconut curry chicken prep/cooking x 3 + recipe.

Sunday, December 22 – Claims both Canons have been back and forth for repairs x 1 year; gets 40D back; mentions getting pics ready for her new website; posts photos of using editing software for new website, using deck as a freezer, Christmas countdown, Christmas crack.

Beginning with the new year, MWOP will transition from an interactive site to an information site. The commenting feature will be turned off and posts will no longer be published on a regular basis, but rather on an as-needed basis. Any relevant content will continue to be updated and several sections of the site will be rewritten or reconfigured. We feel that these changes are necessary in order for the site to effectively convey information to readers without the ever increasing distraction of comments and infighting. The Off Topic side will remain open and available for commenting.

If you would like to stay in touch and exchange e-mail addresses with other users of this site, please send a request to mwop.anja@gmail.com by or before January 31, 2014. Note that both parties will need to give permission in order for e-mail addresses to be exchanged.

Thank you,
MWOP Admin

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