Week in Review (Oct 28 – Nov 3)

Monday, October 28 – Leaves Puerto Rico for Wisconsin; posts photos of beach, water bottles @ airport, DTW airport, Delta Sky Club.

Tuesday, October 29 – S’ 5th birthday; posts photos of S, K&L, ongoing siding of house, Roobii (presumably), bowling alley birthday party, birthday cake.

Wednesday, October 30 – Spends time with sister and niece; posts photos of M, playing with rocks, outdoor fort, napping, sister making cookies, S & Olive (niece), L in Captain America costume.

Thursday, October 31 – Posts second complaint about Google’s choice of holiday artwork; amended CFD expiration date is today; posts photos of MSC in costume, Roobii, MSC at grooming spa, neighborhood hayride.

Friday, November 1 – Offers free Spryng samples for new orders of Xyngular products; washes dishes; posts photos of MSC playing in in costume, tin foil swords.

Saturday, November 2 – Asks readers about their fall colors; posts photos of pancake batter, pancake, coconut oil on M’s hair, M outside, curtains up in the living room, fall views.

Sunday, November 3 – Posts photos of sunrise, MSC in pricey stars and stripes clothing, cleaning laundry/cubby area, more laundry area (asks readers opinion about putting a table there), cookie dough, Uncle Duke/Tytus playing with C.

Upcoming Xyngular events:

Health & Wellness Party
Eden Prairie Community Center {Cambria Room}
16700 Valley View Road
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
November 5, 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Registration begins at 6:30)

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