Week in Review (Nov 4 – Nov 10)

Monday, November 4 – Posts Og Mandino quote about light svs darkness; posts photos of hair gel and trains, Kitty Cone, paper star cutting.

Tuesday, November 5 – Goes [mostly] offline to attend a “three day intensive therapy session”; cradles baby doll version of self.


Wednesday, November 6 – In therapy; posts photo of squash soup, presumably at a restaurant.

Thursday, November 7 – Announces she just finished “an AMAZING three day Christian therapy retreat in Iowa.” Doesn’t answer questions about which one.

Friday, November 8 – Asks readers about the best part of Friday; posts photo of herself as a child.

Saturday, November 9 – Announces she will not say another word about her supplements until she’s lost 20 pounds; posts photos of omelet prep, MSC in front of library (pricey Mini Boden jackets included), rest time creations, a younger K, C & L, jars of Amish syrup, M posing.

Sunday, November 10 – Asks readers about their sleeping habits; posts photos of friends bow hunting “on our land”; S painting.

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