Week in Review (Sep 16 – Sep 22)

Monday, September 16 – Posts pics of painting siding, pre-installation; offers Xyngular promo for new member orders.

Tuesday, September 17 – Finds passports; posts photo of Yumbox, “definitely not pink” painted siding, young K, Lincoln Logs, lockers, M sleeping, L standing in corner with backwards foot PJs.

Wednesday, September 18 – Gets manicure & pedicure; finishes packing; thanks “my company” for the upcoming trip; hops on flight to west coast, with Israel.

Thursday, September 19 – Switches flights on west coast; posts photo of Air Tahiti; arrives in Bora Bora; posts photos of resort, feet and fish, huts, crabs, drinks.

Friday, September 20 – Bora Bora; posts photos of bedroom view, crabs, breakfast, hut, feet, water, market, peep hole, couple selfie, drink, sunset bar, names in the sand. Raves about her team and her company, invites readers to join; swims with sharks and stingrays.

Saturday, September 21 – Bora Bora; posts photos of crabs, rain, breakfast, K’s first goal (soccer), lilypads, Mt. Otemanu.

Sunday, September 22 – Bora Bora; posts photo of purple wall.

Media: Photos are available on the Bora Bora page. There are also a number of videos on Xyngular distributor Omar’s YouTube page. In addition a video/photo compilation is on Tyrone’s Facebook page; Jennifer can be seen at 00:57 and 2:24.

Upcoming Xyngular events:

San Juan Marriott & Stellaris Casino
San Juan, Puerto Rico
October 25-26, 2013

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