Week in Review (Aug 26 – Sep 1)

Monday, August 26 – Touts water jug decorating contest with ‘Shape Up With Christy,’ another Xyng distributor; grocery shops; makes bread free PB&J in a cup; takes MSC to pool.

Tuesday, August 27 – Takes MSC to dentist; starts discussion about fluoride treatments; adds mustard to a pouch of tuna for lunch; shops for school supplies, while implying that homeschooling would be easier; proclaims ignorance of car seat fit requirements for her fourth child.

Wednesday, August 28 – Updates dot code system for MSC clothes; excited about [non bill] mail delivery; packs lunches for first day of school, including Xypstix drink mix; asks readers about dividing shared rooms; organizes kitchen, combines condiments and posts it to Instagram (yes, really).

Thursday, August 29 – First day of school; touts Xyngular products’ amazing results on Melissa Carlson’s skin, weight and wallet (see article; surprisingly disappointed in Naked Juice’s incorrect label use of ‘all natural;’ spends time on hold with the IRS, grouses, gets an IRS history lesson from readers.

Friday, August 30 – Mentions her upcoming Xyng trip to Bora Bora yet again; invites readers to join “her” team so they too can be similarly blessed; takes MSC on surprise camping trip after school ends; posts pic of lockers in use.

Saturday, August 31 – Goes fishing.

Sunday, September 1 – Posts pics of MSC sorting socks, M posing, many, interior decorating pics, including asking readers help with entryway setup.

Upcoming Xyngular events:

South Pacific Expedition: Bora Bora
September 2013
(Qualification period ends: July 31, 2013)

HQ Sundance Retreat
Sundance Resort, Sundance, UT
September 9-11, 2013

San Juan Marriott & Stellaris Casino
San Juan, Puerto Rico
October 25-26, 2013

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