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Putting up a new post; comments have climbed since the emergency 911 call was posted here on Monday. The below is a transcript of the call, as provided by reader AbandonTheFridge. Many thanks!

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911 Call Audio

911 Call Transcript

Disclaimer: I did this to the best of my ability. The dispatcher and Jennifer sound SO much alike that it was difficult at times to discern which one was talking.

9/4/13: 09:06:30

Dispatcher: 911 is this an emergency?

JM: Hey, I’m at [gives address]

Dispatcher: Okay, what’s the problem?

JM: My husband is on a rampage and I don’t feel safe with
him and he won’t leave and [inaudible] okay with my son, I just need some help.

Dispatcher: Okay [repeats address]

JM: Yep.

Dispatcher: Okay, and when you say he’s on a rampage, is he being violent to you, or just being…throwing stuff around, or what exactly do you mean?

JM: Um, he was being very aggressive yesterday and I was afraid
he would hurt me or the kids, so I locked him out…

Dispatcher: Okay.

JM: And then this morning when he got here and found I’d
locked him out, he started throwing huge boulders through…through our
windows. So now he’s in, um, but, I asked him if he would leave and he said no and I said well then I need to call the police because I don’t feel safe.

Dispatcher: Okay, so he threw boulders in…to get in…

JM: Yep.

Dispatcher: Okay. Is he being violent to you now, or is he just being verbal now?

JM: Uh now, just verbal,. Yep.

Dispatcher: Okay.

JM: I’m upstairs and he’s downstairs with our 3 year-old.

Dispatcher: Okay I’m just gonna keep you on the line until I get officers there, okay?

JM: Sure.

Dispatcher: Do you think he’s alright with the 3 year-old downstairs, or…?

JM: Yeah, I don’t think he’ll do anything to the 3 year-old, just doing verbal stuff, but um, he’s calmed down a little now, he’s washing dishes and I just said, you know what, I don’t feel safe, I’d like you to go and he was like no, so well, I’m gonna have to call ‘cause I don’t…this is kinda, I don’t know if he’s drunk or exactly what but he’s acting himself.

Dispatcher: Okay, and is the 3 year-old the only child at home?

JM: Yes, the four others, they’re all in school.

Dispatcher: Okay, so you think he might have been drinking?

JM: Yeah, either that or he needs a chew and didn’t have any, he’s addicted to tobacco and he gets pretty angry easily, especially when he doesn’t have it, so I know I see a lot of beer bottles around. I’m not sure when he drank them.

Dispatcher: Okay, okay, and what’s your name, ma’am?

JM: Jennifer McKinney.

Dispatcher: Okay and what’s your husband’s name then?

JM: Israel, I-S-R-A-E-L.

Dispatcher: Same last name?

JM: Yep.

Dispatcher: Is there any weapons in the home?

JM: Uh yeah, I have a gun, but he doesn’t have access to it, ‘cause he has a prior domestic, so he can’t have one.

Dispatcher: Okay, so is it up by you, or where is it?

JM: It is, yep, it’s up by me, in our safe in the bedroom.

Dispatcher: Okay.

JM: It’s not loaded, it’s cased and locked.

Dispatcher: Okay. Okay, just let me know if anything changes. I do have a couple of officers heading that way.

JM: Sure.

Dispatcher: I’m just gonna keep you on the line, just if he was that volatile before, I just want to make sure everything stays calm.

JM: Yep, yep. I don’t think he knows I’m calling, so I think he’s just downstairs. I think he thinks I was bluffing, so, so far it’s good, but I’ll let you know if it changes.

Dispatcher: Yeah, and just if he comes upstairs and you don’t want him to know it just leave the line open for me so I can hear what’s going on.

JM: Sure. Sounds good.

Dispatcher: I mean, I don’t want to set him off if he’s…

JM: Right. Exactly, I’ll just set the phone down and…

Dispatcher: Okay, if he would leave, what kind of vehicle does he have?

JM: Well, we have two. I have a Cadillac Escalade, but he drives it , too, and he has a red Ford Taurus. He’s got the keys to both of them with him, so he might take either.

Dispatcher: Okay.

JM: No but he’s still downstairs wash…washing the dishes as far as I can tell, I closed the door, I just hear clicking.

Dispatcher: Okay.

JM: He’s kinda calmed down now. I don’t feel like going down and trying to talk….

Dispatcher: Oh no, no…


JM: Make things better, so I’m like, you know what, this is beyond my scope of feeling like I’m comfortable taking care of it.

Dispatcher: Just stay put and we’ll…

JM: Yeah.

Dispatcher: Alright.

JM: I’m just sitting up here watching out the window to the front yard, everything’s still good.

Dispatcher: Okay. Good. I’ll just keep you on the line as long as we can here still


Dispatcher: Just make sure everything’s cool.

JM: Well at least the other kids are in school so I’m [inaudible]

Dispatcher: Exactly.

JM: Much less traumatizing. I mean, it’s very difficult.

Dispatcher: You said you had four other kids?

JM: YEP! Yep, we’ve got four others. A preschooler, a Kindergartner, a first grader, and a third grader.

Dispatcher: That keeps you busy.

JM: Yeaaah. He was actually just getting home from taking them to school, when he was …uh, acting like that, so…I locked the doors. You know, I don’t know what the rules are as far as it’s, you know, we’re married, it’s our house and I locked the doors, but at that point I wasn’t, I wasn’t wanting a confrontation. I didn’t actually think he’d be able to get in um, until he calmed down, but I didn’t think about throwing a huge boulder though our door.

Dispatcher: Yeah well, I mean, there’s…it might come out you can talk to the officers, you know, what exactly…or you know, if this is an ongoing problem, talk to them about what your options or what you can [inaudible]

JM: ‘Cause I know he’s gonna be like, well you locked me out and it’s my house, I can do what I want to my house and I do get that. I do get that, but I didn’t feel like I was
in a safe situation with a 3 year-old and my husband throwing rocks through our door and he’s spraying the hose up inside our bedroom like to get our bed wet and just like, you know, this is, this not, this is not good.

Dispatcher: [inaudible] the story will…we’ve got officers heading over there just to figure, to sort things out here and…

JM: Yep. Well I appreciate it.

Dispatcher:It always seems like when other people are calling it takes a while, but…

JM: Right.

Dispatcher: I do have them en route, so

JM: Well good, and thanks for helping.

[At this point, Jennifer and the dispatcher discuss directions to her home.]

JM: We had a house fire, and so, our house is still…like has just like house wrap on it. You can tell it’s ours because it’s the

Dispatcher to police: The house still has house wrap on it, they had a fire.

[Jennifer continues providing directions to her home.]

JM: I hear the sirens now.

Dispatcher: Okay, are you going to be able to go down to the door to them in?

JM: Yes.

Dispatcher: Okay, and I want you to just keep the line open and stay on the line with me when you do that. I don’t want you [inaudible]

JM: I’ll have to walk right past my husband, but I’ll just basically walk down and let them in and.

Dispatcher: Well see if your husband will go to the door first and they’ll go inside

JM: Okay, we’ll see if he’ll come to the door and answer it

Dispatcher: Okay, I’ve got one officer pretty close, but he’s probably going to wait for the other two…got it, you know, under control before we [inaudible].

JM: Yeah sure.

Dispatcher: You know when he pulls up and he’ll wait for the other one before they come to the door, you know what I mean? Well and I don’t even know if they’re gonna pull up in the driveway, they might [inaudible] back

JM: Yep, yep. I don’t think he still knows, I hear him like chopping onions now. I think he thinks he’s scared me into being upstairs and I won’ t really call ‘cause. I’ve threatened it before, but I haven’t gone through it [inaudible]. I think he thinks I’m bluffing, but I don’t know. It seems way worse today, so…

Dispatcher: No, that’s…

JM: Yeah, I heard sirens for a while, now I don’t hear them, I don’t seem them.

Dispatcher: Yeah, well they usually cut it when it gets a little bit closer…you don’t need this to turn into like a chase thing.

JM: No. We don’t want that, so… Are these West Salem police or where did they come from?

Dispatcher: No, it’s the sheriff’s department…

JM: We don’t even have a police department, do we?

Dispatcher: It’s the sheriff’s department covers that area, so

JM: Okay, ‘cause I don’t think we have our own.

Dispatcher: No [inaudible] the sheriff’s department covers it.

JM: Okay.

JM: When we had our house fire, there’s no fire department in town, either, just volunteer, and they were in here in like 11 minutes, it was amazing, they did, they did really great even though we’re way up here and no fire department, but…

Dispatcher: Yeah, they do pretty well.

[inaudible] just kind of depends on where they were coming from before.

[unsure who says this] Yeah, exactly.

JM: And with the fire department it was in the middle of the night so he said he was sleeping, he lived in West Salem, woke up, went to get the truck, drove over.

JM: Oh now I hear more sirens again.

Dispatcher: Yeah it’s probably the other one getting close.

JM: Oh, the dogs in the neighborhood are all loving this [laughs] [inaudible] so many dogs I can hear ‘em all.

JM: There’s not much I can do with my 3 year-old except just, you know, let him see it all, unless I …

Dispatcher: Yeah, um…

JM: …had my neighbor come over and let her, you know, bring him over to go play or something. That’d be nice if he, well, I mean

Dispatcher: Right now, why don’t we just wait until the officers get there and [inaudible]

JM: I’m just thinking ahead of. I don’t know….

Dispatcher: Usually, I mean, they’re pretty good about trying to [inaudible]

JM: Right, yeah. He’s three, he just turned three, so he’s not gonna understand why policemen will be at his house.

Dispatcher: They’re usually pretty conscientious about the little ones like that.

JM: Okay. I don’t hear them again. I wonder if they’re talking. They can’t be far though because it sounded like I heard them come up the hill.

Dispatcher: Yeah, they’re not too far out. Where are you, in LaCrosse?

JM: Yeah.

Dispatcher: Okay.

Okay so you ‘re not hearing your husband now”

JM: What’s that?

Dispatcher: I said you’re not hearing your husband now?

JM: No, I don’t hear anything.

Dispatcher: Okay.

JM: But I haven’t seen him leave, and I have an idea by the drive that he hasn’t left.

Dispatcher: Okay.

JM: I don’t see the other car, but I think I would have heard it.

Dispatcher: They should be pulling up there shortly.

JM: Okay.

Are they gonna make me talk with my husband with them, or are they gonna put us safe…

Dispatcher: [inaudible] usually they separate…

JM: Right. I’m afraid he say, you know, stuff that maybe is a little bit fluffed up version of the truth and I know that it’s not going to be my job to be like, ‘oh that’s not
happening,’ but anyway I’ll just say what happened and what I know.

Dispatcher: Yeah tell them your side of the story and what, you know why you did, you know, that you’re…why you did what you did.


Dispatcher: And tell them…let them know both sides of it

JM: Okay

Dispatcher to police: Does she have to walk past the husband to let them in?

JM: Um, not right past him but pretty close. I think he’ll let them in, I do, but…

Dispatcher to police: She thinks her husband will let them in.

JM: He’s probably gonna act nice and calm and cool and collected, that’s my guess, because once the rage time is over, you know, he’s calmer now. There I see them pulling up.

Dispatcher: Okay.
I just want you to stay put until…

JM: Yeah, I think that would be good if I talked to you until we know that I’m…I think he’s pretty unlikely to do something stupid when they’re here, but [inaudible]

Dispatcher: Don’t feel like risking it if you don’t have to.

JM: No. They’re pulling into our driveway so I’ll bet they’ll walk up to the front door.

Dispatcher: Tell them to go to the front door or to the…

JM: The front door is good.

Dispatcher: The front door is

JM: Yeah, the garage is full of stuff from our fire that we
moved up there, so they wouldn’t even be able to get through.
One of them’s coming to the door.

Dispatcher: Okay.

JM: He knocked, but it was very, very, very, very quiet, so I don’t think that anyone would have heard. Oh there’s three of them standing there. He’s still chopping onion, I don’t think he heard.

Dispatcher to police: She doesn’t think he heard them knocking at the door, if they want to try knocking a little louder.

JM: Our doorbell doesn’t work, they should also know that.
Yeah? Oh they’re in. Should I let you go?

Dispatcher: [inaudible] Okay, I’ll let you go then.

JM: Okay thanks.

Dispatcher: Mmmhmm, bye.

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