Week in Review (July 29 – Aug 4)

Monday, July 29 – Invites readers to join her “secret 3 Day Express Training Group” that will help them earn $300 (wait, now it’s $400 AND you’ll get healthy!); returns home from Xyngfest.

Tuesday, July 30 – Touts “Xyngular’s BIGGEST promotion EVER;” attends VBS; posts pics of rehabbed dining room and newly constructed MSC bedrooms, family room in basement.

Wednesday, July 31 – Touts Xyngular’s promo again.

Thursday, Aug 1 – Happy Birthday to C; Chuck E. Cheese birthday party.

Friday, Aug 2 – Happy Birthday to L; claims not taking Xyngular’s “anti cootie juice” made MSC sick; mails Xyngular to Australian customer; pics of lockers, basement stairwell, kitchen.

Saturday, Aug 3 – Holds “team building event,” marketing supplements at supermarket and mall(!); UFC date night.

Sunday, Aug 4 – Posts pic of dirty MSC shorts; starts enlightening conversation about red velvet cake.


Site Update: The Xyngular v Innutra et al case documents are now available via the Xyngular v Innutra link on the right, under “Company Information.”


Upcoming Xyngular events:

HQ Sundance Retreat
Sundance Resort, Sundance, UT
August 12-14, 2013
August 14-16, 2013

South Pacific Expedition: Bora Bora
September 2013
(Qualification period ends: July 31, 2013)

HQ Sundance Retreat
Sundance Resort, Sundance, UT
September 9-11, 2013

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