Week in Review (Aug 5 – Aug 11)

Monday, August 5 – Posts a pic of her, S & L, prompting reader to declare her an inspiration; looks forward to Xyng’s Bora Bora trip; posts pics of oatmeal, bookstore purchases, MSC, Lincoln Logs.

Tuesday, August 6 – Reminisces about her Trapper Keeper; catches a stick of butter on fire, delivers Xyng pack to her manicurist.

Wednesday, August 7 – Library day; starts discussion about Christian vs non Christian marriage success rate.

Thursday, August 8 – Invites Arkansas readers to Xyng “socials” on Friday; takes MSC to Cherry Berry; posts pic of family room in renovated house; rearranges washer/dryer in mud room; offers to message reader (with Multiple Sclerosis) with “MS stories that would blow you away!!!”

Friday, August 9 – Poses babywearing pic of her and K; posts before and after photos of her “friend” Tom, who lost 75 pounds in three months on her supplements; pics of green paint x 2; flies to Arkansas; attends Xyng party at The Cypress Barn, Siloam Springs.

Saturday, August 10 – Attends Xyng party at Holiday Inn, Little Rock; shares her obsession with baby names.

Sunday, August 11 – Cries when she thinks about school starting in 18 days; again invites readers to a secret Facebook group to learn more about sharing Xyngular products; pic of hotel lobby floor; flies back to Wisconsin.


Site Update: The Xyngular v Innutra et al case documents are available via the Xyngular v Innutra link on the right, under “Company Information.”


Upcoming Xyngular events:

HQ Sundance Retreat
Sundance Resort, Sundance, UT
August 12-14, 2013
August 14-16, 2013

South Pacific Expedition: Bora Bora
September 2013
(Qualification period ends: July 31, 2013)

HQ Sundance Retreat
Sundance Resort, Sundance, UT
September 9-11, 2013

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