Week in Review (June 24 – June 30)

Monday, June 24 – Goes camping; photographs Amish; posts pic of painted master bath walls.

Tuesday, June 25 – Paint color decision day.

Wednesday, June 26 – Continues to tout iPad mini giveaway for Xyngular buyers; posts more house paint photos, washer/dryer hookup in bathroom, straw bale garden.

Thursday, June 27 – Posts MSC anecdote about poop BM.

Friday, June 28 – Posts pics of accent colors, workers drinking Xyngular juice, pool time, more color walls, storm gathering, lefse; announces iPad mini winner; mentions Las Vegas trip in July; starts ignorant thread on Facebook about tax rates;

Saturday, June 29 – Makes blueberry pancakes; eats brats; takes MSC to movie; makes cornbread, chili; posts MSC heights on Instagram.

Sunday, June 30 – Dreams of (and photographs) eggs; announces upcoming weekend trip to Charlotte, NC, for Xyngular party, birthday dinner and photoshoots.

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