Week in Review (July 1 – July 7)

Monday, July 1 – Announces a “Red, White and You” Xyngular promo; posts MSC anecdote; pic of basement; announces reformulated Xyng; pic of Badger sunscreen (finally!).

Tuesday, July 2 – Pic of “free” floors installed; pool time; hosts Xyngular party @ house.

Wednesday, July 3 – Posts photo of cross dressed S; touts Xyngular promo; pic of Norwex mops; looks for washer & dryer on Craigslist; pic of sanded stairs, painted mudroom / laundry room, office; asks for advice on finishing kitchen bulkhead.

Thursday, July 4 – Wishes sister happy birthday; bacon breakfast; takes MSC to 4th celebrations.

Friday, July 5 – Makes crockpot oatmeal; pic of Bible verse in bathroom; is “blessed” by being able to work from home, wants to generously share it with others.

Saturday, July 6 – House update pics; Watches pay-per-view UFC.

Sunday, July 7 – Invites everyone to learn about her “job” via a secret Facebook page; takes MSC swimming at lake; pic of ripped dollar bill.

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