Week in Review (May 27 – June 2)

go here Monday, May 27 – Discusses how freedom isn’t free, disrespectfully followed by a Memorial Day sale & giveaway of Xyngular products. Uses before and after photos to advertise, announcing 80 pounds lost “naturally” (Xyngular isn’t).

bdswiss kostenlos testen Tuesday, May 28 – Photo of bird nest in garage; announces winners of Xyngular giveaway.

kendall jenner dating justin bieber's friend Wednesday, May 29 – Uses coffee shop as workplace; extends Memorial Day Xyngular sale; posts photo of child standing on laptop; posts some sentences about flooring decisions, last day of school, decreasing debt, flying for family vacation, being grateful for “job” footing part of the vacation cost.

opzioni binarie come limitare la perdita Thursday, May 30 – Updated bird nest photo; pic of making knives out of sticks, of C climbing the walls (literally), of office sheetrocking.

opzioni digitali le scommesse finanziarie di hamish raw Friday, May 31 – Posts MSC anecdotes; takes concealed carry class.

click Saturday, June 1 – Takes MSC to movie; posts tip about bringing own cereal bags and dividing popcorn; pic of MSC in front of gun counter;

wirtschaftskalender für binäre optionen Sunday, June 2 – Posts MSC anecdote; wonders about people using Twitter; mocks her experience with a a food service worker; posts pic of M&M cake, MSC climbing trees, roofing work on house.

Site Update: An amendment to the 7/27/2012 contract for deed arrangement was signed on April 9th. Both documents are available on the Financial Timeline page, which is also linked to on the right.

enter site Many thanks to reader Small People for making the document available.

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