Week in Review (June 3 – June 9)

Monday, June 3 – Picks out house paint color; starts conversation about children watching television; @ Winona County courthouse; finds house with perfect shade of red.

Tuesday, June 4 – Raves about Xyngular’s newly formulated Xyng (without DMAA); shows child’s drawing of a skeleton story with Xyngular ad included; posts MSC anecdote; serves tacos; @ salon; shops GAP.

Wednesday, June 5 – Is on hold with the IRS for 1+ hours, far shorter than the IRS has been waiting on her; rainy day MSC pics; works on bills and taxes; posts house update pics; visits accountant; S is de-sideburned by a sib; posts pic of Kitty.

Thursday, June 6 – Posts MSC anecdote; raves about her “job” giving her an amazing income and ability to get out of debt; posts pic of MSC’s fire escape plan drawing.

Friday, June 7 – Celebrates National Donut Day; holds e-training class with Xyngular distributors.

Saturday, June 8 – Allowance & haircuts; oil change; car wash; straw bale garden update pics; more house update pics; takes MSC to car races; posts duckface pic on Instagram.

Sunday, June 9 – Packs for Utah; prepares for holding training class; heads to MSP with MSC; stays overnight at MSP Hilton.

Site Update: An amendment to the 7/27/2012 contract for deed arrangement was signed on April 9th. Both documents are available on the Financial Timeline page, which is also linked to on the right.

Many thanks to reader Small People for making the document available.

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