Week in Review (May 20 – May 26)

Monday, May 20 – Brings home Legos for MSC; prays for Oklahoma.

Tuesday, May 21 – Asks moms about dressing kids in the morning; meets with electrician; attends S’ graduation; camera needs part; straw bale gardening; eats blueberries and seeds for lunch; announces $300 giveaway entry for anyone ordering Xyngular pack; roofing materials arrive.

Wednesday, May 22 – Posts MSC anecdote.

Thursday, May 23 – Announces she will only “declare positivity and truth over my life;” Israel & Uncle Duke start on roof; travels to and attends Xyngular “health” party with L:*

Friday, May 24 – Drives; wonders about bait in her refrigerator; thanks naysayers and haters for her success; touts GMS’ laundry soap; sells two of M’s skirts on Instagram for $40 (plus shipping).

Saturday, May 25 – Watches UFC.

Sunday, May 26 – Gets ready for church by inciting (and deleting) comments on Facebook, discussing the Pope’s stance on atheists; posts a text message, purportedly from a Facebook friend, touting the beneficial effects of Xyngular products on her diabetes. Oddly enough, this same text can be found on other Xyngflingers’ sites . . .

*Photos courtesy of MckFacts; thanks!

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