Week in Review (Mar. 18 – Mar. 24)

binaire opties paypal Monday, March 18 – Flies over Grand Canyon; has girls day with M; laptop screen cracked from traveling and/or TSA; date night @ Best Buy, Les Mis (?); post-date workout (the gym kind); loses App Store on iPhone, asks for help.

http://www.viestintamyy.fi/?kiki=banc-de-swiss-bin%C3%A4ra-optioner-flashback&443=2b Tuesday, March 19 – Xyng for special needs kids controversy is featured in a GOMI post; discusses first bikini wax on both IG and FB; touts Xyngular in call-in, offers free samples to listeners; announces yet-to-be-born niece’s name.

http://www.happyrent.com/?kiselok=dating-site-ecuador&88d=b8 Note: GOMI links do not always work. URL: http://getoffmyinternetsDOTnet/mckmama-can-sell-you-pills-for-your-kids/

come funzionano le opzioni binarie online Wednesday, March 20 – Flies with L to Xyng gathering at Sundance Resort in Utah; asks for iPad toddler app suggestions.

http://darrenpalmer.com/?katernot=opzioni-binarie-robot-automatico&6c3=c9 Thursday, March 21 – In Utah; enjoys mountain air. Posts pics as evidence of said enjoyment; reader asks her if she’s pregnant.

strategie opzioni binarie la gabbia Friday, March 22 – Flies home with L; another date night. Late night fire in/near/around chimney that “ravaged” house while MSC at grandparents; IG pic (nicely filtered) shows damaged attic space with roof ventilation hole; stays in hotel. MSC and pets are okay.

valuta i forex Saturday, March 23 – Stays in temporary home, a comfy hotel.

speed trading Sunday, March 24 – Is thankful; insurance company is “rocking it out;” rebuilding should start soon. Explains:

And it was a chimney fire that got out of the chimney behind the walls of our house because there was a gap in the part where the chimney did a 45 degree angle back there.

Follows with a series of partial explanations / discussions about chimneys, fires and creosote buildup, while GOMI features the “weirdly convenient fire” in a post.

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