MckMama Update

Despite shutting her blog down in September, MckMama has managed to maintain a continuous online presence via her MckMama Facebook page, Jennifer McKinney Facebook page, Instagram account and “Xyng With MckMama” members only Facebook group (current membership: 1,412). Here are some highlights from the past few months. October: Photo tour of house, continued; M’s birthday; McKinney anniversary; rollover car accident; Xyngular ‘Xyngfete’ Utah trip; Insanity workout(s); Xyngular Ignite promotion. November: M is flower girl in wedding; presidential elections; Xyngular Dubai trip. December: Illegal Xyngular iPad mini giveaway x2; Pennsylvania trip (Xyng promos & photoshoots); Santa comment & photo controversy; NC trip with C (Xyng promos & photoshoots); Newtown/abortion comments controversy; K’s birthday; date night; Christmas cookies; Christmas shopping; peace on earth; Christmas break (and then some) road trip (Dec 27 – Jan 11: MO, AR, MS, LA, AL, TN, GA, NC, WV, OH).

Tastylia USA January (so far):
Christmas break (and then some) road trip, continued; legal Xyngular giveaway; abortion comment controversy; illegal Xyngular giveaway; Brick Bible; pink hair; firewood; Xyngular, Xyngular, Xyngular.

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