Week in Review: 5/14 – 20/2012

Tweets about knowing when enough is enough; writes something, but won’t share it; cries and naps; Tweets about 80s song comment.

Tweets about being before the Lord; feels great; publishes post about missing rings, indented finger; glad for fresh chances.

Tweets MSC anecdote; publishes post asking what readers want to read; watches Roobii watching a fly; offers to pay for airfare to Xyng Vegas event to all distributors who earn 2,000 points in May.

L has cranberries & pecans for lunch; touts Canon sale; organizes, takes photos, gets house ready for summer; Tweets MSC anecdote; invites readers to listen in on Xyngular call; publishes post about L trying new food.

Comments on weight plateau finally breaking; Tweets about M wanting pierced ears; touts photo deals; goes to post office to mail bills; forgets groceries at grocery store; loves and hates Saturdays.

Tweets MSC anecdote; publishes K’s Mother’s Day questions & answers; publishes post with pics of M; goes to beach; publishes weight loss photo update.

Plays with new friends; moves C and L into same room; publishes post of random grammar errors, covering topics like photography, Chia pets, Paleo diet, dime store, Monkees, photo cups, failed marriage, upcoming travels, running a 5K and losing weight.

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