Week in Review: 04/30 – 05/06/2012

http://uplaf.org/wp-content/gallery/uplaf/thumbs/thumbs_uplaf2.JPG 4/30/2012
Posts quote about feeling inadequate and relying on God; fits into older shirt; drinks lots of water; Tweets MSC anecdotes; touts Xyngular and FB group’s weight loss; publishes post about children growing up.

Tweets MSC anecdotes; touts cooking deals; touts new Xyngular product; is sad [IM is in town]; publishes post about lentil burritos.

programa trading 5/02/2012
Tweets MSC anecdotes; finishes up photoshoot pics; touts deals; kids eat quinoa salad before church; publishes five sneak peek posts; appears on Xyngular’s list of top producers.

استراتيجية مارتينجال خيار ثنائي 5/03/2012
Asks for advice about buying peaches; mentions Oz touting herbs in same sentence with Xyngular ingredients; Tweets MSC anecdotes; asks for advice on finding spreadsheet/organizing app for iPad; kids pick new spring group activity; mentions Kitty; publishes four sneak peek posts.

http://www.lahdentaiteilijaseura.fi/?siftifkar=bin%C3%A4ra-optioner-utbildning&f79=5a 5/04/2012
Mentions upcoming photo deal; goes to garage sale, gets wagon; publishes sneak peek post; touts photo deal; mentions third 8 day challenge and zig sagging; publishes post about garage sales, photoshoots, running 3 miles, telling Satan to *&%$ off, niece’s birthday, MSC sports, fight with neighbor (possibly recorded), dinner at friend’s, supplements and relieving headaches, and MSC in race; spends time at friend’s house with MSC.

Race day; K spends tooth fairy money on apps; goes for run with Vibrams and Accelerate (MIL watches MSC); publishes post about bike theft, forgiveness and Bible verses; touts Xyngular FB group and membership numbers.

http://paxxo.se/?praktika=k%C3%B6pa-Viagra-i-danmark&d74=8d 5/06/2012
MSC wear medals to church; mac-n-cheese and naps; touts Nikon deal; publishes post about church, mac-n-cheese, salad, napping, bikes, Legos, balloons, cereal for dinner.

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