Week in Review: 04/23 – 29/2012

Feels fabulous; touts camera sale; Tweets about eyebrows; decides to go to Las Vegas in July [Xyngular convention]; Tweets MSC anecdotes; eats M&Ms and rice for upcoming detox day; touts weight loss of Xyng downline; publishes post about strep resolving, Xyngular trip in July, pics of C on front porch, haircuts, loosing teeth, Roobii’s eye infection, leaking kitchen sink (uncaulked), sad about marriage things, Biblical reference, friends visiting.

Watches water aerobics class; eats chicken; touts photo deal; MSC @ park, grocery store; Tweets MSC anecdotes; publishes post about worms, nose ring, detoxing, missing husband/dad, reading a book, going to bed.

Tweets MSC anecdotes; touts baking deal; publishes BlogFrog sponsored post about toothbrushes with giveaway; Tweets about tooth fairy; publishes post about losing hope in reconciling her marriage.

Loses two more pounds; watches MSC in school performance; runs; eats snack; touts Xyngular and deletes many comments about not taking Xyngular while breastfeeding; is happy; touts sponsored post/giveaway again; publishes pics of M in school performance; Tweets about Roobii.

Legs stiff from run; Tweets MSC anecdote; publishes pic of salad; Tweets about new trees in yard.

Up early; asks for advice on FB photo pixelation issue; Tweets MSC anecdote; mentions vegetarian lentil burritos for MSC; touts Xyngular with story of user who stopped taking Topamax for migraines.

Up in middle of night, makes barley/oats, checks email; Tweets MSC anecdote; loses 0.2 pounds; mentions using Smurf shampoo; publishes pic of herself and L; Tweets about S bedtime comments.

Site Update: The Fraud Files blog now has an update to the McKinney bankruptcy post. It is also linked to in the sidebar under MckMama Elsewhere.

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