Week in Review: 4/16 – 22/2012

Her calves are barking; eats lunch & works on something important; discusses nose piercing with friend; gets nose pierced; publishes pics of C with face painted @ Dollywood; is happy and at peace.

Loses another 2.5 pounds since starting Ignite again; mentions impending visit from friend & kids; takes kids to karate / swimming, participates in karate; publishes post about S having strep, trying to talk to Israel more, friends visiting, nose piercing, magic show @ Dollywood.

Wants strep to go away; touts lens “sale;” enjoys the weather; publishes post of before & after weight loss pics, announces Ignite system giveaway (cost: $227 – $313). Deletes a slew of comments about the bankruptcy creditors meeting audio; Admin asks for no drama, please (only applies to readers, apparently).

Spends time with visiting friends; all kids have fevers; touts Shutterfly deal; touts Xyng giveaway.

2/5 MSC are better; publishes post about sick kids, visiting friends, Ignite giveaway, dad buying 2nd pack for giveaway, photoshoot sneak peek, being rested, happy, at peace and joyful; publishes post introducing giveaway finalists and asks for readers’ votes.

Visiting friends fly home; touts new Xyng product; publishes post naming Xyng giveaway winners, touts Xyng gals Facebook page, starts another Ignite challenge, announces that all kids have strep; brings out patio furniture; mentions K’s loose teeth.

Publishes pics of K, C, M & S @ Dollywood; is tired of having sick kids; bathes kids and dog.

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