Week in Review: 4/2 – 8/2012

In Alabama; post pic of Kentucky Lake (and Yukon); Tweets tourist sites; travels to Pensacola, FL.

Insults Barenaked Ladies with post about legal separation, missing rings, marriage and a road trip; Tweets MSC anecdotes; touts photo deal; @ pool; publishes post of MSC pics @ Patti’s restaurant; touts Xyng products.

In ER with C and strep throat; rests in hotel room with 2 sick kids and watches movie; has photoshoots; publishes post about the beach, Vibrams sale, strep throat, Xyng, Flurry sleeping in bathroom (maybe), using sand pail as toilet (maybe); Roobii in pet motel and $49/night stays; everyone is tired.

Publishes post about sick kids, antibiotics, Pensacola photoshoots, movies, pizza, video chatting with MckDaddy, staying in FL longer; Tweets MSC anecdotes; posts comment about re-wearing clothes from the dirty bag; touts secret Facebook page for Xyng customers, comments get interesting; takes nap; sick kids feel better; has issues with Facebook messages; publishes photoshoot peek; is at peace.

Has pictures taken by photographer; waits for results; leaves Florida for grandmother’s house in Atlanta; publishes post about sick kids getting better, taking more supplements and running out, pet resort and filing for legal separation.

Atlanta photoshoots; grandmother cooks Roobii breakfast; publishes sneak peek from own photoshoot.

In NC for Easter; publishes pic of C; runs out of MLM supplement.

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