Week in Review: 3/26 – 4/1/2012

Eats sandwiches, watches rain with kids; sends out e-mails about workshops in Nashville, Atlanta or Charlotte (3 hrs, 5-8 people, $125); publishes post in which she interviews herself about getting settled in, separation, weight loss, pets (have Kitty & Roobii, kittens given away), RV trip, photoshoots, workshops, driving an RV, separation again, family closet, counseling, church and rice salad; Tweets about tantrum; publishes post with salad recipe.

Is at peace; publishes post with photos of family closet; is sunny and warm; starts packing for RV trip to commence tomorrow, 3/28.
[MSC Spring Break is 4/5 – 4/10; road trip is 3/28 – 4/14 or 4/15.]

Touts photo deal; packs for trip in under 2.5 hours; touts downline Xyng rep becoming manager; touts supplements; publishes post about road trip (no mention of RV this time), weight loss, Xyng live chat transcript and teaching makeup photo class; leaves on road trip; Tweets MSC anecdotes; stays in hotel after crossing into Illinois; drops the ‘car’ word on Facebook, prompting comments from readers and allowing her to admit that ‘plans changed’ and they are in the car, not an RV, after all.

Up early; hotel swim; on the road; Normal, Illinois; publishes post about plans changing and no RV, less expensive trip, hotel pools and a tired toddler; Tweets MSC anecdotes; stays in the ‘tiniest and least expensive motel room’ in Kentucky; reader offers her upgrade/hotel points in blog comments.

L has unconventional sleeping arrangements; mentions Xyng; eats @ Patti’s; publishes post about Red Box; publishes post about total weight lost, with no accompanying weight loss photo.
[Source: JM wants out of lease early, but so does landlord; she plans to move elsewhere.]

Holds photoshoots in Nashville; lunches with friend; touts Xyng again and holds illegal lottery on Facebook; publishes baby on drum pic from photoshoot.

Leaves for Alabama; claims additional weight loss; mentions Birmingham zoo; sweats.

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