Week in Review: 03/05 – 11/2012

Big day; welcomes prayers; is nervous; praises God for day.
[Attends bankruptcy creditors hearing; gets 1-1/2 hour grilling by a dissatisfied trustee.]

Tweets MSC anecdotes; takes K & C to new classes @ Y; publishes post about emotional BK hearing / seeing husband, and to say that she’s mentally exhausted but her children’s love buoys her.

Thinks K has the “fleaves;” publishes photo of K home sick, sparking debate about public photos of seemingly non-clothed children; is jealous that Jessica Simpson’s publishers have better Photoshopping skills than her; publishes post of Roobii pic; Tweets about needing Magic Eraser walls; tries to put hope in the Lord.

Loses 2 more lbs; teaches point and shoot class; snacks on beef jerky and MLM supplement; publishes yet another post in which she bashes her husband, mentions a few Bible verses and blames Satan; Tweets about Colton’s behavior on Survivor.

Touts camera deal (which is not); goes running; K does have “fleaves,” per clinic; Tweets MSC anecdotes; publishes photo naming contest post; purges toys; mentions her weight loss along with ground root MLM supplement she’s using; publishes rambling post about running and weight loss, time at The Farm, RVing, konjac root (MLM supplement), strep throat, M&Ms, online classes, the Monkees and school morning routines.

Dreams her teeth fell out; teaches online photo classes; asks for advice on what to buy/dress M in for a photoshoot with her brothers; may or may not sleep with a child and a dog.

Finishes church; takes MSC on picnic/hike; takes MSC to movie; Tweets MSC anecdotes; holds live BlogFrog chat in which not much is discussed.

Edit: the length of the creditors meeting was corrected on 3/28/2012 to 1-1/2 hours from the previously stated 3 hours. Apologies for the error.

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