Week in Review: 2/27 – 3/04/2012

Tweets MSC anecdotes; publishes post of ‘miracle boy’ pics; plans/announces12 online photo classes; puts together bed with repaired frame, notes symbolism.

Loses keys; pediatrician appointments; mentions fat cell freezing procedure; touts photo software deal; awake and coughing.

Gets cholesterol checked; fixes wrapper ads on blog; mentions Davy Jones; publishes post about photo software deal, bloodwork, Leap Day, Canon deal, dinner, shoes, weight loss, MLM supplement, CoolSculpting, playdates, bed frame; Tweets MSC anecdotes; touts camera deal; touts MLM supplement deal; publishes post all about C; hurts gums by eating beef jerky.

Touts cosmetics deal; Tweets MSC anecdotes; publishes sponsored post with gluten free recipe; feels weird; touts photo and magazine deals to distract herself; publishes post about L activities during the day; asks for help on new Facebook header size.

Tweets MSC anecdotes; touts clothing deal; photo classes fill up, adds more, plus a waiting list; gets locked out of house; attends K school performance

Kids wake up early; mentions she’s writing a photography book; publishes post of after performance pics; finishes photo workshop, prepares for another; publishes pity garnering post; swears she hates evenings.

Publishes post about weight loss, MLM supplement info call, upcoming & newly scheduled photo classes, camera deal, clothing deal, kitchen site deal and packing to attend BK creditors meeting on Monday, while sending MSC off to stay with friends.

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