Week In Review: 02/13 – 19/2012

First day of school; works on valentine cards with MSC; Tweets MSC anecdote.

Cooks oatmeal; touts week-long ad special; touts camera bag vendor; touts bag vendor; Tweets MSC anecdotes; mentions inappropriateness of Sponge Bob; decides MckDaddy is a good man after all.

Has cold, asks for advice; touts nutrition vendor; Tweets MSC anecdotes; publishes post of her fallen/falling parenting standards; touts phone vendor; complains about commercial.

Touts clothing vendor; publishes sponsored post about getting back into weight loss regimen, plus contest entry; discovers fifth child; Tweets MSC anecdotes; touts faith writer vendor; touts bag vendor; publishes photo post of MSC and McDonald’s Happy Meal toys; Tweets about celebrity baby name; decides she’s really mad after all, doesn’t want reconciliation.

Tweets MSC anecdotes; touts babywearing vendor; Tweets pity party request; publishes another sponsored post about getting back into weight loss regimen, plus contest entry; suffers from sinus pressure; publishes post with Small Fry pic; touts supplements vendor; touts photo software deal; publishes post announcing that she has decided to keep loving her husband while simultaneously bashing him and admitting her blame as a “chair throwing, police calling, divorce threatening, deliberately agitating, name calling, disrespectful lunatic,” but somehow still hopes for a restoration process to start.

Site crashes, potentially from new wrap ads; mentions her Vibrams; church friends bring her chili dinner; touts candle vendor; Tweets MSC anecdote; publishes post of Nuggey jumping off furniture.

Takes MSC swimming after church, then McD’s Playplace; Tweets MSC anecdotes; publishes post about discovering 5th child.

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