Week In Review: 9/19 – 25/2011

Still in TX; posts second Not Me! Monday, has 34 participants, gives away online photo workshop; loses drivers license, flies home without it; announces (dubious) hatching of three chicks while she was away; touts running moms site; dreams about a reader’s hair.

Listens to the wind; mentions upcoming pics of chicks (click, click); posts pics of chicks; bathes all five MSC in clawfoot tub; touts photo deals.

Up with sick baby; posts about chicks, chewing, swallowing, cookie dough, NMM winner; cantaloupe and oatmeal for breakfast; PB&J for lunch; posts about ‘deciding’ to ‘let go’ of the Becker house (but doesn’t link to post on FB, hmm), commenting chaos ensues (ka-ching) and she continually insists it was their decision, finally concedes they had a Contract for Deed, but still uses ‘mortgage’ to describe it; touts GMS’ laundry products after a reminder Tweet from them; thinks it’s going to be a long night; thinks it’s not going to be such a long night; posts midnight happy deals.

Garbage day at The Farm; posts about blowing fuse (in house), so The Farm pics will have to wait until later (click, click); MckD puts beds together; contemplates paint colors; they have a TV (!) but only Netflix; heads to town and feed store; mentions MckD has job building barn; MckD fixes fuse; washes clothes; charges computer; touts her amazing sister on FB; posts before pics of The Farm(house), starts commenting frenzy, alienates some readers.

Mentions duct tape on their floor; mentions living far out; touts children’s storybook deal; hikes with kids and collects nature items in buckets, a la Ann Voskamp; Small Fry paints beard with eye shadow; posts about cookie dough (again), chicks’ one week birthday, visiting feed stores and how she is ‘immensely enjoying life right now.’

Mentions adoption family’s fundraising/website; takes a Sunday drive on a Saturday (and deletes a conversation from FB); gives Stellan a candy bottle; posts about the nature walk and the berry talk and her Irish twins.

Off the grid; back on the grid; tries to nap but can’t; comments about people’s decorating and dressing tendencies; adds FB photo of many small hikers; posts about finishing photoshoots, taking a break from future ones, garlic scapes, the berry talk, tick on Roobii, decision to not spay/neuter kittens (commenting frenzy ensues for end of month ka-ching) and visiting new church with locked door, while pretending to be poor; wonders about quilts for chilly night; posts midnight happy deals.

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