Still Peeling

ritiro soldi su autopzionibinarie At first I thought her Admin was on vacation. Maybe her moderating system had blown a fuse. Or the free range Wi-Fi had decided to amble off The Farm. Now I’m convinced that MckMama is intentionally allowing many, many comments through on her blog and Facebook page that never would have made it past moderation even a week or so ago. Simultaneously she’s blocking some of the comments that call her out and are spot-on in their assessment of her actions and character. In doing so she has incited a full-on commenting war of nastiness, outright lies, finger pointing, name calling and a huge dose of vitriolic, gossipy drama. With a few conspiracy theories thrown in for good measure. And free grammar corrections.

brooker opzioni binarie deposito minimo posizioni 1 Has she forgotten her own apology and promise about this just a few months ago?

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It’s her blog, true. She can decide what comments she allows to be published. If she refuses to give voice to the naysayers, largely by deleting and banning them, the tone of her blog shifts noticeably. It’s more positive, upbeat, encouraging and pleasant to read.

But it doesn’t generate the traffic that controversy does. And traffic equals money.

Which one is it, MckMama? Are you pushing buttons or peeling layers?

You can’t do both.

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