Week In Review: 8/15 – 21/2011

Heads home from CA; touts another Etsy site; posts about grandmother’s death, recent photoshoots and “decisions to be made” in MN.

Apparently up all night; touts friend’s Kenyan nonprofit; wears skirt inside out; reveals she never left CA (will tell all later—click, click); leaves CA; arrives in rainy MN.

Posts about her financial successes and failures (deletes post an hour later); posts about crafts with kids, very busy life, ER visit (with “lumbar puncture”) in CA, photography workshops, family meetings, “things going on in our family,” changes to come, Big Mac’s “schooling,” upcoming water photography “trick” post.

Has busy day with “big plans;” tours available homes; sells Happy Wheels; posts about wifely submission (to who?), downsizing and finding cheaper housing, looming issue of bankruptcy, stepping out of the limelight, possible career changes.

Awakens early; mentions carpentry tools; finishes Missoula photos; charges client $50 extra for unedited photos (yes, you read that correctly); talks to MckD about a dual LIVE Chat!; stays up late, mainly to defend, deny, deflect and then finally delete not one but two very long Facebook threads. Well done; bold blogging indeed.
(See them anyway.)

Dreams about nonsense; breakfasts with family; takes kids to zoo; gives kid Blow Pop; posts a photography lesson on freezing action—followers don’t have access to Google; posts about pending LIVE Chat! with her and MckD; hosts live chat which consists of more defending, denying, deflecting and deleting, which leaves her “pooped;” oh and two rocket good additions to our glossary—thanks, MckD.

Attends great church; gets charcoal for grill; posts about her sore throat and “other frustrating health thing” she’s battling, house in chaos, moving boxes all around, says she’s leaving the “plans, specific location and housing details to ourselves” (negated, of course, by blogging about it in the first place); vacuums up minutia [sic] and grills pizzas for small group; Twitpics produce bowl; enjoys small group evening; puts kids to bed.

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