This is Your Brain

MckMama mentioned in her LIVE Chat! on 7/16 that she has a private blog. Then on 7/18 she published two password protected posts on her public blog, indicating that people should Facebook her for the password (now there’s a discrete, private method, no?). Then she gave out the password to less than 1% of those who were frantically requesting it via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, blog comments and messenger pigeon, desperately listing all the reasons why they should be given access. The result? A lot of hurt and angry readers who were evidently (and very publicly) snubbed from the inner circle of MckMama. As one reader so eloquently stated:

I refuse to prove to you that I am worthy of your words when I didn’t ask if you were worthy of my prayers.

Instead of backtracking and apologizing when the magnitude of the backlash became evident, she became completely silent on the subject, sending out only random Tweets about Lady Gaga, flax oil PR stuff, snap peas, birthday presents and a medical thingy. She also moderated a few blog comments, which showed password protected comments coming through, adding fuel to the fire.

Not until 7/19 did she Tweet about an error in judgment but left it at that for the rest of the day. On 7/20 she quoted Scripture and declared herself pressed, persecuted and struck down, followed by Tweets about shopping and cars not starting. Finally that night she put up a post that briefly mentioned the fact that her protected posts idea was not thought out beforehand and had left a lot of lovely readers hanging.

Finally on 7/21 that she posted a full explanation for the events that had transpired over the past 2-3 days, namely that:
• She was in the hospital again, for lithotripsy
• She left her debit card at Target
• The starter on the car went out
• She was on narcotics in the hospital
• She learned a lot from mean people
• She didn’t consider all the people who never comment

A few points of clarification and correction are needed. She mentions the private blog on 7/17 but then puts up private posts on her public blog on 7/18. She blames the stress of shopping and errands and car breakdowns and narcotics and kidney stones for causing her lapse in judgment, but all of those things happened after she put up the password protected post. She states she was having a kidney stone taken care of when on 7/16 she declared herself completely free of pain and kidney stones. She was somehow able to incessantly Tweet and Facebook and blog and moderate comments last week, all while on Dilaudid, but blames narcotics during lithotripsy for this latest error in judgment.

It’s a blame-and-distract game rather than a simple ‘I made a mistake; I’m sorry.’



(Thank you to user LaFawnduh for gathering the facts together in her comment yesterday)

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