What the Yelp?!?

So we heard about this site called Yelp. I went and googled What is Yelp and got this explanation.

Hey that sounds pretty cool! I like having the ability to leave reviews of places I do business with. I must have misunderstood. Or just plain missed all the evil naysayers sending each other over to Yelp to leave fake reviews.

Hhhmmmmm so if there are negative reviews they are automatically naysayers huh? Imagine my surprise when I got a very interesting email the other day. Seems a client of Jennifer McKinney Photography left not one but two reviews of her photo shoots from Chicago under two separate email accounts and both were filtered. She was even unhappier when she received this response from Yelp:

So what was this negative review?

I wonder what MckMama thinks about those reviews

She then goes on to write

So she is inspired to write some good reviews on a site she doesn’t believe to be “real” reviews. I must have misunderstood. Again.

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