The Curious Case of the Cat

Where, oh where, to begin? MckMama has spun this poor cat sideways and inside out at this point. Remember how she didn’t want the cat?

And then it’s PREGNANT YAY!!

Next up a long and retina-searing post about how it is “just a cat” and every one needs to calm down and mind their own business.

Now it is please pray for the cat.

So is it “just a cat” or is it one of God’s creatures deserving of prayer? We’re not sure you can have it both ways, MckMama.

While we’re on the topic of the cat wanna see something cool? Watch how her eyes have changed since moving into the MckMansion.

Before moving into the MckMansion:

MckMama explaining that what you are about to see is real and truthful and completely unedited …

After moving into the MckMansion:

Cool, right? We’ve always know that a woman’s body changes when she is pregnant, but at least one of us is a little bummed her eyes didn’t start glowing in the dark. She is considering putting in a call to her OB/GYN and asking for a refund.

Speaking of OB/GYNs (and we were – go with it) here is what a vet had to say about Kitty Cone’s x-ray that MckMama says is proof of an impending birth:

“A follow-up comment from my IRL veterinarian friend:

The 2 lines look like scratches on the film (where the emulsion got scratched off). Not sure what the white blob is–it looks like an artifact–as if they laid the cat on top of some rocks before x-raying her.

While it is true that when there is one baby, they often are large and may need a C-section, there’s no baby that I can see–certainly not the blob and 2 scratches on the film.”

So there ya go. They say cats have nine lives. This poor kitty appears to have nine life stories.

(Edited to add MckMama telling us she doesn’t edit the cat’s eyes. Thanks to MyInnerSnark & realklassy for pointing me in the right direction.)

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