Save the Children

A little while ago we received an email from Compassion International.

When we inquired as to why we were asked to remove our images while they remained on Jennifer McKinney’s blog and were still being used as advertising, we received this reply:

Please note that neither website is a “non-profit.” We all know MckMama uses her blog for advertising revenue. Chalice Howard’s website is raising money by selling the advertised bunnies to fund her missionary trip to Africa.

We took the wait and see approach. Our images were put up solely to draw attention to their use, which has clearly worked. But the longer we waited for these two sites to do the right thing the more uncomfortable we became. After all there are two sites using these images, with the children on full display, making profit from them.

Today we took our images down. You can view the images from our post at their original sites:

The only site not making a dime has taken these pictures down. Isn’t it time for legal affairs to step in and do what two sites are so unwilling to do?

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