Consumer Protection and Other Such “Non”senses

We all know that MckMama requires payment for her photo shoots upfront and via PayPal.

For awhile it was thought that she scheduled shoots far in advance and demanded payment far in advance because PayPal requires that you open a dispute within 45 days of purchase. However, upon further research we can safely put an end to that speculation. As it turns out MckMama’s photo shoots are not covered by PayPal’s Purchase Protection program. No “services” or “digital goods” are protected by PayPal. It would also appear that since the payment is made as a direct or personal payment the PayPal Purchase Protection program is not applicable.

Paypal would like you to know that if you do decide to dispute a MckMama photo shoot they probably won’t side with you.

What’s a girl to do when the wool is pulled back from her eyes and she wants her money back? According to PayPal the only thing you can do is dispute it with your credit card company.

Wait. You mean you used your debit card?

Please say you didn’t use your bank account. You have no protection what so ever with a bank account transfer – and that is not just in regards to MckMama.

And because we are nothing if not givers we thought we would outline for MckMama what PayPal wants sellers to know about accepting payments.

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