The Roobii Debate

The MckFam is still on the road, having left St. Louis, and the MckRig is now parked in a Nashville, TN campground, according to MckMama’s Twitter feed.  In her Q&A post yesterday it was revealed by MckMama that the ice house they are towing behind the RV has been “claimed” by Roobii, the lab puppy, “as her own.”  This followed a string of questions and comments from readers, speculating about the absence of Roobii.  MckMama’s admission has elicited a variety of strong reactions from readers.

Consider the following statements leading up to Wednesday’s admission:

In her 3/26 Twitter feed she said,

In her 3/26 post she stated,

In her 3/28 post she stated,

In her 3/28 Twitter feed she said,
In her 3/30 Facebook comment (answering readers about the absence of Roobii in photos), she said,

And finally, in her 3/31 post she said,

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