“Sh*tter’s Full”

MckMama is giving away a week-long RV vacation to a reader and their family as long as it comes in under $1000:

The crack research staff at MWoPBlog.com did a little hunting for RV rentals. Using the smallest, and thus cheapest, RV possible this is the quote we got to rent an RV for a random non-holiday week during the summer. We used Minnesota as our point of reference since, well you know …

Please note that doesn’t include everything. Like the generator:

Or any cleaning that might be required or emptying the holding tank:

Or any bedding or kitchen utensils:

Or the leveler needed to level the RV so the generator and the refrigerator actually generate and refrigerate:

And unless you’re planning to vacation in a Wally World parking lot, well, it’s going to cost you too:


  • RV Rental for 3 people including tax, deposit and mileage: $1727.65
  • Generator: $3 per hour
  • Possible Charges for Cleaning & Holding Tank: $300
  • Kitchen Utensils & Bedding for 3 people: $250
  • Leveler: Unknown
  • Campground Parking: $10 – $50 a night

That’s a mighty fine free vacation you might win!

This post was contributed by our fabulous reader shell.

ETA: Kmama4 made a post earlier to include examples of the wordsmithing that has been done this week. Thanks Kmama!

“Entrants for the one week free RV trip”
“one RV trip around the US!!!”
“UPDATED: So far, 17 people have a chance to win the $1000 RV trip”
“I wanted to offer another way to change your life, connect with those most important to you, and step back from the rat race of life: A week long trip in an RV for your whole family!”
“#3 One week free RV rental for your family to use to go anywhere you want and experience life on the road.”
“We’ll cover the cost of a week long trip, up to $1000, for one person who donates to Global Hope this week.”
“For example, you can donate and enter to win the week in an RV”
“No matter how much money is raised, one person will win a week’s rental of an RV for their family, with all costs paid up to $1000!”
“The RV trip will include a week long RV rental at the location of the winner’s choice, plus gas and insurance costs, provided the entire cost is not over $1000.”
“The giveaway is for an RV rental. I doubt people who have RVs are entering. If they are, and win, I’ll work that out with them individually. I’m not worried about it.”

Anyone else confused?

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