Questions and NonAnswers

There have been a lot of questions about entering the “raffleway” without donating to GHNI. Thanks to some curious readers and bright Facebook questioners, we have some more information.

From an email sent by a reader:


From Facebook:

Clearly Jennifer doesn’t want you to know that all you need to enter for free is your name and e-mail address; here is her Facebook page 35 minutes after the first screen shot was taken.


We mean, it is GHNI’s contest, right? They should get to set the rules? Wait. Do you think they even know the rules are an ever-changing document? The red highlighted text has been removed since after the start of the “raffleway”. The yellow highlighted text has been added, again, after the start of the “raffleway”.

Exhibit A: The “raffleway” rules on Day One (18-April-2011):

Exhibit B: The “raffleway” rules on Day Three (20-April-2011):


Thank you to readers sunnybloom and shell, as well as others, for their contributions to this post.

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