Optical Illusion

Edited 9-May – we have removed all images of the CI children as requested by Shaun Groves of CI. Please see http://mckmamatruths.com/2011/05/save-the-children/

Jennifer McKinney recently traveled to somewhere in Africa. It’s a very large place and apparently she didn’t know exactly where she was actually, because she repeatedly referred to her location as “Africa.” We digress. While Ms. McKinney was in Africa she took pictures of her sponsored children.


An astute reader (do we have any other kind?) found these same pictures on a website that makes and sells bunnies in order to show children they are loved regardless of their circumstances.


Look closely. Can you tell they are the same pictures? Need a little help?


A reader of the original MWoP blog was concerned about Ms. McKinney using these photos for profit.

(Please note the screen shot is from sweepingthecobwebs(dot)com as the original MWoP has, as you know, closed up shop.)


Um. Okay. Apparently “policies” don’t apply to Ms. McKinney, which we all already knew. However we are sad pandas, as it would seem that policies in place to protect children also don’t apply to Ms. McKinney’s sponsored children. Sigh.

Thanks to readers Coco and Jennifur for the material for this post; thank you, Shell, for writing it.

Also? The creator of the Bunnies site is a well-meaning young woman who has done nothing wrong, and who does not deserve to get caught up in MckMama drama. Please everyone, let’s be adults and not attack her; please leave her out of it. Thank you.

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