A Lesson in Buying on Craigslist

MckMama used to drive a Chevrolet Aveo on occasion; it was MckDaddy’s car and wasn’t always that reliable.

Heading to my OB appointment this morning, I figured it would make the most sense to drive my husband’s little car, the one we bought used recently, so as to not use gas unnecessarily by driving our family car. Admittedly hesitant at first, as that car has issues and the battery has gone dead on us a handful of times already, I hopped in anyway.

They purchased it used.

I don’t often drive the Aveo. In fact, until this afternoon, I don’t know that I even knew exactly what kind of car it was. Just the used run around car we got recently, before attempting (unsuccessfully so far) to sell my husband’s truck to downsize our automobile situation. It’s a fine car, though. An automatic, royal blue hatchback.

Sometimes it didn’t start.

After wheeling the shopping cart to the corral, I eased myself into the low seat, shut the driver’s door and stuck the key into the ignition.

But it wouldn’t budge.

I don’t mean that the key turned but the car wouldn’t start. That has happened with the Aveo plenty of times.

But when they turned around and sold it? It magically turned into a “single owned since purchased new” car that was “reliable.” How, you ask? Why, everything is new and shiny on Craigslist!

So what’s your definition of “reliable”? And how many owners, exactly, does a “single owner since purchased new” car have?

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