Click, Click, Click

It took Jennifer almost eight hours from her first Tweet to post a picture of the baby. It took four before she would reveal his name. She had people refreshing so much they crashed her server not once, but twice last night. Let’s recap the timeline, shall we?

First Tweet:

Obviously she has her iPhone. They’re calling family, and they don’t want to reveal the name or pictures yet. Fair enough; I think we can all respect that.

She’s on her computer, but no posts, pictures or updates. Three hours down. Getting a little questionable, but okay.

Four hours later, she puts up his name in a blog post with a Twitter teaser. Still no pictures.

Still on the computer. And still no pictures. It’s pretty obvious at this point she’s going to drag this out for every click and dime she can.

Finally, almost eight hours after her first tweet, she puts up pictures on her blog, again with a Twitter teaser. Mind you, she and her husband have iPhones, but never once do they put up a single picture on Twitter. Why? Because you don’t make money off of Twitter. She milked her newest child’s birth for almost eight hours, getting clicks to her blog and making money. Is it wrong to make money off your blog? No, not by a long shot. Is it wrong to pimp out your newborn and drag out his birth announcement to make money? Maybe not wrong, but it is pretty disgusting.

Jennifer McKinney is nothing more than a shrewd businesswoman, and she has confirmed that there is nothing off limits. Let’s not forget her own BlogHer profile:

Almost eight hours, two blog posts and five Tweets before she finally posted a picture of her child. All to keep readers coming back . . . for money.

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