About That Dress

You know what’s sad?

MckMama has taken the time to change Lachlan’s picture twice now, including once today, but has not had the forethought to change her middle son’s, Nuggey, age from 3 to 4.

You know what else is sad?

That Jennifer McKinney’s own friends have a hard time explaining her “MckMama” behavior and are becoming frustrated and visiting here more often. Case in point: the bridesmaid dress. I have had a hard time figuring out how to post this without saying “so’n'so told me!!” because the person is an “in real life” friend of MckMama and they’re very obviously on the fence. Drawing attention to them or calling them out would not be in MWOP’s favor. I think it would discourage others close to her who are frustrated or confused from talking with us in the future too.

So here’s what went down, for those who missed it.

MckMama was supposed to join a photographer friend at a wedding and stand in as a secondary photographer. She says she didn’t make it:

“…(I had (her computer) and my cameras because I was heading out of town to help my friend Carrie with some photography yesterday).

I wasn’t going to have to do much; it would have been pretty low key. I had felt good all morning, had slept like Rip Van Winkle the day before, and was eating lots of small bits during the day and drinking lots of water. To make a long (embarrassing) story short, I ended up feeling awful on my way to meet Carrie, throwing up in the car as I drove, pulling over because I felt really dizzy and lightheaded, going inside an eating establishment to find a bite to eat and some more water, and passing out in line as I waited my turn.

That little episode landed me in this out of town hospital where I sit today.

There was then this huge convoluted scenario where MckDaddy didn’t know where MckMama was for a whole day. Something about how he assumed she would stay in a hotel because the other photographer did, how he lost his phone, and she didn’t have her phone charger or couldn’t dial long distance and a whole bunch of other things along those lines. Somewhere along the line of trying to explain this, a reader asked MckMama about the other photographer at the wedding, who MckMama said called her the “minute she was late.”

Another reader fussed at MckMama for not taking care of herself.

There was a lot of confusion on everyone’s part on why, if she was so close to home, no one was able to let MckDaddy know where she was, and that she was in the hospital alone. Since this happened at the beginning of July, eventually the controversy around the situation died down and people stopped talking about it.

Until MckMama posted this last week:

A picture post teaser with closed comments. Closed comments? Why on earth would she close comments? She has never closed comments. What was behind that little teaser?

A picture of a woman with a tattoo in a fancy dress:

A dress that just so happens to match the style of a dress in the wedding her friend photographed on July 10 (thanks, JJ):

A reader asked her about the dress (apparently the only reader to ask) and MckMama became defensive:

jenak says:
Yeah, I was thinking prom or wedding then I was like I highly doubt that’s a prom girl with a tattoo like that (which is gorgeous!) so I vote wedding since it’s the season for them. When do you have the time to shoot weddings with being in the hossy so much and being such a great mommy to your MSC? Can’t wait to hear the story behind the tattoo Jen! <3

mckmama77 says:
You know what’s fascinating? I was just looking over all of the comments you have ever left on my blog (you use a different name whenever you comment for giveaways, which is interesting in and of itself), and I noticed that in December of 2009 you complained about the ads on my blog and said you were never coming back:) What made you change your mind?

Oddly enough, when MckMama’s picture was run through an exif viewer website (thanks, Jennifur), the date is July 10.

Yes, the picture of the dressed up woman in the purple dress was taken on July 10, the very day MckMama was supposed to help out at a wedding, but never made it. Top that with an “in real life” friend of MckMama’s saying she did INDEED make it to the wedding, but left abruptly, and you have yet another real-life versus web-life story.

What I don’t understand is why on Earth was this something to lie about?

Thank you to everyone who brought this to MWOP’s attention, and we ask that you please leave the photographer related to this story alone. She has a viable business and we don’t need to bleed over onto her sites or have her name show up in search engines related to this one. We would appreciate it, thanks.

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