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MckMama asked BlogHer to stop posting ads for the Susan G. Komen foundation, the leading group in raising money and research for breast cancer, because they support and donate money to Planned Parenthood, which provides abortions (among other services). The money that SGK donates to PP is supposed to be earmarked for mammograms and breast health; it does not go towards abortions.

This hit a nerve among her readers, and while we can’t see a drop in her readers directly, her Twitter followers and her Facebook friends dropped quickly last night.

In response to the negative attention received by her comments on SGK, MckMama put up a post titled “do it anyway.”

She also tweeted yesterday, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

I think we should help her with her request. Since she doesn’t believe in having ads on her site for companies that support Planned Parenthood, readers should help her stay true to what she stands for. To help her out, we have two links to lists of organizations that donate to Planned Parenthood.

These lists include companies like 3M, Adobe (yes, MckMama’s Photoshop and Lightroom makers), Quaker Oats, PepsiCo, Nike, Microsoft, GAP, eBay, Johnson & Johnson, Del Monte, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Kraft Foods.

These are long lists but please, if you see a product or company advertised on MckMama’s site that provides support to Planned Parenthood, let her know ASAP through e-mail, her blog, Twitter, or Facebook, so she can have the ad removed immediately. If not supporting Planned Parenthood matters to her this much, there’s no way she can keep up with all these companies and products, so let’s do our part, shall we?

Edited to add:
MckMama replied to a comment on her blog by a reader:

Leah says:
Jennifer said herself that she would not promote a company that supports PP. Previous posters are just pointing out how difficult that would be. She is either going to promote said companies or she isn’t. Which one is it?

mckmama77 says:
It’s too bad that so many companies do support Planned Parenthood. I’m not sure that boycotting all of them is possible or the right answer to the problem. Education on the topic and maing a stand when you feel led to take one is definitely important!

Evidently ad revenue is more important than standing up for what you believe?

Karen says:
So let me see if I am understanding you then…you are boycotting SGK because the are an affiliate of PP. You make a big deal about how you are standing up for what you believe and not backing down from your principles. When you are confronted with the inconvenient news that pretty much every ad on your blog is for a company that has/still does support PP, you are now saying it is NOT a good idea to stand up for these same beliefs. This is not even mentioning all the products you personally promote on your blog, ie iPads, girl scout cookies, Adobe etc. Now that you would have to do away with some of your comforts you no longer “stand for something”? How does that work, exactly? The SGK foundation earmarks funds for PP to be used for mammograms and other services provided by PP to help educate and promote breast health for women who cannot otherwise afford it. It does not “promote” abortions. Can you provide us with some statistics for companies such as Apple or Adobe to help us understand why they are companies so much more worthy of your support than a life saving organization like the SGKF? Will you be returning your iPad? Your iPhone? Using different software to process your photographs? Boycotting all of them IS possible, but it would mean you have to make sacrifices and you clearly didn’t think that one through. Education on the topic is the key here, and I would respectfully suggest you consider that before you mount your soapbox next time.

mckmama77 says:
Oh, I most certainly did not say that “it is not a good idea to stand up” for one’s beliefs. It sure is! In fact, I just had a great (long) chat via Twitter on exactly this issue of Apple, PP, SKG, etc. If you are interested in hearing what I had to say, just check out my Twitter stream, I made my beliefs about it all pretty clear (At least I think I did!) :)

Karen says:
This is a reply to Mckmama77 as there was no “reply” link after your comment…

You said you were taking down SGK ads because they support PP. You said you were not supporting them because of this. You are NOW saying you will continue to support the other companies who donate money to PP. I saw your twitter stuff and it did not explain how you have justified that. You either do or do not have an issue with companies that support PP. You are implying that you have answered the question of how you have justified the support of the others and not SGK, but you have not. If you are not willing then that is your choice, but don’t claim to have addresed it. If you claimed to be standing against an organization that funds services provided by PP, then you are now saying that you will no longer stand against companies for that same offense. That is exactly what you have done and there really is no way to spin it otherwise. Again, I would love to know what Apple has done to deserve your willingness to look the other way today from something that so offended you yesterday.

mckmama77 says:
Great questions! If you’d like to email me, I’d love to discuss this further with you:)

In other words, ‘I’m standing up for my beliefs until it affects my ad revenue, and then I follow the money. But hey, can we discuss this offline?’

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